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B37 Massage Gun Review

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A massage gun is a great way to relieve tension in specific muscles. We can do it from the comfort of our own couches while watching TV. The benefits of a massage gun can help you feel relaxed, feel calmer, improve circulation, and can relieve stress and tension throughout your body. It’s no wonder that we seek out full-body massages whenever we can.

Erkin Athletics B37 Massage Gun with foam ball attachment.B37 Massage Gun by Erkin AthleticsPhoto courtesy of Erkin Athletics

I would love to say that I work out so much that a massage gun helps me loosen up the tight muscles from lifting all those weights. The truth is, I have pulled a muscle in my next twice just from shampooing my hair…Or there was that time I turned around in my chair awkwardly and pulled a muscle in my back. That actually happened the day before I got the massage gun to review luckily, the battery had a partial charge to it and I had my first opportunity to test it out.

First, let me introduce to you the B37 Massage Gun by Erkin Athletics…

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What is the B37 Massage Gun?

Four attachments for the B37 Massage Gun.What is the B37 Massage Gun?Photo courtesy of Erkin Athletics

The B37 Massage Gun is an ergonomic and percussive therapy machine. The handle sits at a 15° angle which helps lessen arm fatigue. The handle is also designed so that you can reach the hard-to-reach places that normally would require another person to assist.

B37 Massage Gun Features

  • 5-speeds: the variable speed ranges from 1,400 to 3,200 RPMs. The lower speeds let you warm up your muscles and work through any sensitive muscles.
  • 4 attachments: There are four different types of attachments you can use to work your muscles.
    • Flat: The flat attachment is perfect for overall massaging
    • Bullet: The bullet is great for zeroing in on specific knots, and is also perfect for hands and feet.
    • Round Foam Ball: the foam attachment works best for all larger muscle groups
    • Fork: this attachment is specifically designed for the neck and spine.
  • Power: the massage gun delivers up to 56 pounds of stall force. What is stall force? Stall force is the amount of pressure you can apply to a massage gun before the motor stalls.
  • 8-Hour Battery: The Samsung Lithium-ion battery provides plenty of power so you can really work out those knots. If you’re on the go, you won’t need to worry about recharging or running down the battery prematurely.
  • Travel Case: Take your charged, or uncharged, B37 Massage Gun with you in the handy travel case that organizes everything neatly.

How Do You Use the B37 Massage Gun?

According to the information on their website, you should

  • Turn the massage gun on before placing it on your body.
  • Use speeds 1 - 3 for any muscle recovery and for speeds 4 and 5 for a soothing massage or pre-workout muscle warm-up.
  • Glide the massage gun over the muscles and let the gun do the work. Apply pressure for added muscle relief.
  • Breathe and relax and let the machine do the work. (in other words, if you’re tense, the massage will not work.)

Another step I would add is to make sure you know which attachment you need before you even begin step 1. This way, you don’t just turn it on, start massaging, and then realize you need a different attachment.

What I Liked About the B37 Massage Gun

A pink paper heart on a stick with a black background.What I love about the B37 Massage Gun Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


There’s always the chance that you get a product that just doesn’t perform. I kind of knew that this was not the case when I turned on the B37. You could feel the power when you were holding it. In fact, it was so powerful I had it on the lowest setting and barely applied any pressure to my sore back. After a few swipes, I felt better.


The attachments are great and my two favorites are the foam ball and the flat attachment. They really promote muscle relaxation and work pretty well for me. To be honest, the fork scares me a little plus, I can’t really reach. I haven’t used the bullet yet because the foam ball and flat piece work great for me. Did I mention that they’re so easy to change too? You just pop them in or out—that simple.


Aside from the handy case, the battery is third in line because well, sometimes, you just forget to charge things. Hello, headsets anyone? I can use the massager for an hour or so and then put it away and use it another day.

What I Don’t Like About the B37 Massage Gun

person in blue long sleeve shirt showing thumbs down.What I didn't like about the B37 Massage Gun Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


It's fine when you are on the lower settings but when you get up to the higher settings, it gets a little noisy. Especially if you’re watching TV. If I need that much work on my muscles, I probably shouldn’t be sitting in front of the TV anyway. The lower settings work just fine for my muscles.


Also not a deal killer, but it has some heft to it. While the 15° handle does help with arm fatigue and wrist exhaustion, it’s still there especially if you have a particular knot to work out. Usually, I switch hands if possible or take a break here and there.

Is the B37 Massage Gun Worth the Price?

Prices for massage guns can vary and the B37 Massage Gun is decently priced compared to other massage guns. Considering the quality of the massage gun, all of the features, AND a lifetime warranty, I think it’s well worth the price.

Should You Buy the B37 Massage Gun?

Massage guns are perfect for anyone that is an endurance athlete, an avid weightlifter, or anyone suffering from tight muscles. The National Institute of Mental Health also discusses practicing self-care by using relaxing activities such as muscle relaxation. The institute also mentions using relaxing techniques for managing stress.

I would recommend the massage gun for anyone dealing with sore muscles and who may need relaxation in general.

What to Look for in a Massage Gun?

Speed and Power

When you are searching for a massage gun, you want to look for a gun that offers a range of speed and that has enough power to handle the stall force.

Size and Weight

Part of what I didn’t like about the B37 was the weight. It was a little heavy, especially for one-handed massaging. That’s why you need to make sure that the weight isn’t going to be too cumbersome and at the same time, it isn't too flimsy. There is no way around it but if you have a powerful gun, it’s going to be heavy or heavier. The size is a factor too. If it’s too large, it’ll seem awkward; if it’s too small, it just won’t get the job done.


Chances are, you’re going to want to take the gun with you. Having a nice travel case will make that a lot easier. You will want or need, something compact enough for those road trips and flights. Just don’t forget the charger.


Attachments make life and working out the kinks so much easier. While I really only use two, I can see where the four come in handy. Depending on how often you will use one, I would say a minimum of two attachments.

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