BLUEVIEW Pacific Shoe

I had the opportunity to test out the world's first biodegradable shoe from BLUEVIEW. If you're unfamiliar with BLUEVIEW, let me tell you about them.

Two surfers, one a biology professor, and the other a VP of Product meet and talk about their love of surfing and the ocean. They designed and developed the first biodegradable shoe using plant-based fabrics and sustainable materials. In order to help fight for cleaner water and a greener future, they did away with the toxic plastic material by creating a plant-based polyurethane made from plant oils, and natural materials such as hemp and eucalyptus fibers.

Not only did they focus on sustainability, but they also created an ergonomic, durable, and customizable shoe. You no longer have to worry about plastic waste and harming the ocean animals. These shoes will end up decomposing and will feed ocean microorganisms instead of harming them.

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  • Vegan and Plant-based Material
  • Compostable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Customizable


  • Expensive

Testing the BLUEVIEW Pacific Shoe

pair of BLUEVIEW Pacific Shoes in Vintage Black.

BLUEVIEW Pacific Shoes in Vintage Black

When I first received the shoe, they didn't seem like it was something I would wear. The shoe itself was light, extremely flexible, and had a strap that went over the top of the tongue and was held in place by two knots. I chose the Vintage Black color and I could see why. It looked like those faded acid wash jeans but in a more canvas-type shoe.

I had reservations about the strap and immediately thought about how they would look on me. I also tend not to wear socks or I'll wear loafer socks and the first thing I thought of was my feet were going to sweat and start to smell because I probably wouldn't wear these with no-show socks.

The website says the shoes fit true to size and that's no lie. I went to put them on and they were a little tight. I have a wider foot and it took a little effort to wiggle my way in. In hindsight, I really should have a shoe horn since I have a couple of other pairs of shoes that are a tight fit.

The only other thing I have to say is the tongue is a flap of fabric and it folds in and under when trying to put the shoe on. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal but the top of my foot is a little hairy and with the tightness of the shoe, it was hard to get the tongue pulled back out without pulling my foot hair. But I managed.

Once on, I thought they didn't look bad and they seemed comfortable. I laughed a bit because they looked as if I should be at the beach or on the way to a Jimmy Buffet concert but honestly, they weren't bad. The strap has to go I thought and wondered if I could just take it off without ruining the shoe. (Looking at the website, I now know they are meant to be customizable).

Since I work from home, I mostly go around barefoot so I don't really wear them around the house. When I run errands, I slip them on sans socks and end up wearing them all day. They were pretty comfortable. I have worn them all weekend while out enjoying the summer weather, hanging out poolside, going to the movies, or out to dinner. You hardly know they're on.

They are comfortable, and I noticed my feet didn't sweat. The insoles actually feel soft as if made from talcum powder. They don't come out when you take the shoes off either as some shoes do.

BLUEVIEW Pacific Sneaker and Biodegradable Materials

Four BLUEVIEW Pacific Shoes shown before and after composting.

Sustainable Footwear

Each shoe is made with a plant-based biodegradable plastic that replaces petroleum plastics which as we know, is the cause of a lot of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans.

This sustainable footwear is made from two primary materials:

  • Soleic Foam - Soleic is the world's first high-quality, renewable, and fully biodegradable polyurethane foam.
  • Plant Knit - PlantKnit is the world's first plant-based and fully biodegradable machine knitted shoe upper. It is made from hemp and eucalyptus.

Basically, it's a plant shoe that will completely break down when exposed to the compost environment. After only 6 weeks, the upper portion of the shoe is 90% composted and in about 200 days, the Soleic foam follows suit.

Is the Footwear Washable?

According to the website, you can place them in a washing machine using the delicate cycle, cold water, and mild detergent. They advise removing the insoles and washing by hand versus machine washing. To dry, you allow to air dry.

How Do You Use the BLUEVIEW Pacific Sneaker?

You can wear the biodegradable sneaker just about anywhere. As I said, I wore them to the pool, to the grocery store, walking around town, and even to dinner. I think they would be ideal for visits to the beach and even camping.

Keep in mind that this footwear isn't suitable for more rigorous activities like hiking, and mountain climbing, and although I haven't tried it, I don't see it as a running shoe either.

Is the BLUEVIEW Pacific Worth the Price?

Honestly, I think the price is a bit hefty but it is a small price to pay in comparison to all the plastic floating in the water. On the other hand, if you're like me and your wardrobe lasts several years, I can see this as being a good investment.

Should You Buy the BLUEVIEW PACIFIC Biodegradable Sneaker?

I would say yes. It's a comfortable shoe, it saves sea life and the ocean, and they look good (minus the strap). It depends on your budget and whether biodegradable plastic is important to you. It is after all, truly the first sustainable shoe in the footwear industry.

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