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Skincare System

We are excited about this product, perfect for holiday gift-giving or a winter at-home spa solution! Think of it not just as a beauty product, but as an investment that really does pay off. And even better, it was locally developed in Nashville.

Olura is founded by celebrity esthetician and former founding partner of Kate Somerville, Kyoko Getz, award-winning beauty tool designer, Shannon Britt, and NYC celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Shirley Madhere.

A Nashville-born "clean beauty" tech brand, Olura, raised a Series A investment round of $1 million in August 2021, which it will use for its to build brand awareness. And here's what's different about this skincare solution. Olura is a novel, subscription-based skincare system that addresses the issue that most beauty tools are abandoned after just a few tries.

Dr. Shirley Madhere

Co-founder, Dr. Shirley Madhere, an Ivy League-trained plastic surgeon, says, “During the global shutdown it became woefully clear to me that as an advocate for microcurrent, ultrasonic, and infusion technologies, it was important to figure out how to offer something that would help people benefit from these therapies via DIY.”

We're still feeling a little shy about venturing out to a salon to get a facial or noninvasive beauty procedure. To invest in Olura means to do it yourself with similar results in the comfort of your own home. Olura has created an easy-to-use system with a three-part approach: a skincare specialist consultation; customized skin products for you; an easy-to-use, gentle, high-tech ultrasonic device. All are neatly packaged and shipped to your door!

The Glow + Sculpt Skincare System works as a subscription membership that includes the trademarked Eno, an ultrasonic device that gently exfoliates your face with one end, and with the other end massages your customized boosters, serums and moisturizers into your skin. To get the right mix of products you can consult with an Olura skincare specialist depending on your skin type, and your skin's needs such as firming, brightening, hydrating or calming, or all of those for an effective anti-aging strategy.

So if you don't feel like stepping into a beautician's office, this whole system can be delivered to your door for a fraction of the cost. We noticed a difference from our very first use, and the regimen is gentle enough to do every day.

Check out your personalized skincare system here.

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