Wait, don’t panic just yet. Just because you’ve entered your 40s, it doesn’t mean you have to give up all those stylish and chick young gay guy things. You can still rock whatever clothes you want, as long as you feel comfortable in them. However, if your old rags just don’t fit your style or body anymore, here’s a style guide for every 40 something gay in dire need of fashion advice:

Don’t be scared to mix patterns

Most straight men run from patterns like they are the devil himself, gays love patterns, even don’t hesitate to mix them. No matter if floral, stripes, dots or different kids on print, patterns will add some flare to your looks every time. And you don’t have to go with a flowery suit jacket and pants. A simple floral sweatshirt or a striped button-up will do the trick and always spice things up. And these are more than age-appropriate if that is something you’re worried about at all.

Go long and slim

Ever since our sweet little Olly from Years and Years started sporting tunics on stage and in videos, gay guys all over the world adopted this trend. And you’re never too old to try it out. Longline shirts for men look chic, chill and fashionable, and they are perfect for an all-year casual look. So when you see a shirt that goes almost all the way to your knees, grab one and try out the fit.

Accessorize for the gods

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a more masc or femme style, everyone needs accessories. Many gay guys are not afraid to accessorize with bold necklaces, bracelets and rings. With these, you can go as extra or as simple as you want. If you prefer a most subtle look, you can invest in a quality watch—that’s always timeless, pun not intended.

If you want to stand out in all the right ways, but don’t want to look overly feminine, you can do so with your carbon wallet to hold all your cards and cash. Your elegant wallet is a great addition to your more formal outfits, so feel free to pair it with other formal accessories like cufflinks and a tie clip.

Ditch unflattering items

Now that you’re in your 40s and hopefully have a most stable income, it’s time to do something you should have done a long time ago—find a tailor. All the pieces that don’t fit you at all should be prepared for donation, but those that can be salvaged will look amazing on you once you visit your tailor and get them fitted. And one thing is for sure: unless you have toned arms, it’s time to let go of your tank tops and other sleeveless items—unfortunately, these only look hot on muscular gays.

Adopt athleisure

If your 40s doesn’t allow you to wander far away from your office, athleisure is a perfect style to adopt. Of course, instead of sporting slouchy sweats, go for stylish fitted bottoms, a nice monochrome hoodie and elegant walking sneakers. When executed well, you can rock athleisure outfits anywhere from Casual Fridays at the office to easy Sunday brunches with the gays.

Invest in a suit

Every man needs a suit, no matter if gay, straight or anything else in between, but not one of those double-breasted ugly things of the past, but something custom fitted and modern. Modern suits will not make you look old-fashioned in any sense, so don’t worry that your age will show. You can easily style your suit with a patterned shirt and trendy jewelry for men for nights out or opt for a more subdued look. Dressed like this, you’ll be ready for any occasion from an upscale dinner party to a wedding or business conference.

Finish it up with stylish shoes

There are a few queer staple shoes that have to find their way into every gay’s closet—loafers, Vans, tanker boots and oxfords. And don’t hesitate to spend some dough on your shoes. Shoes complete the story of who you are and can make a true difference in your outfit. And they can spice up any look and show your flirty and stylish side.

If you’re a fashion gay, you don’t need any of these tips, but a manly man queen in his 40s will definitely thrive after adopting even one of them. Remember, fashion is not scary and you can look fabulously queer at any age, you just need the right attitude.

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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