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This issue we're taking a fresh look into gay travel. Specifically, our Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride piece. We all know Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico's hottest destinations for the LGBTQ community. What better way to see it than during the Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride even?

Pride, Puerto Vallarta Style!

by Travis Dietz

Ah, Puerto Vallarta. The days are long, the weather is warm and the town is gay!

Mexico is a barrage on the senses. Like the open-pored exhilaration you get from eating a habanero pepper, all of your senses hit overdrive. In Puerto Vallarta, the heat pricks your skin; the food is spicy and limey-sour; the music, loud and shimmying; the colors are alive and vibrant; and the smells are blunt-frying meat, exhaust, and simple living. And nothing brings together all of those sensations like a party. And this year's Pride Weekend was a spirited example of a great Mexican party.

Costa Rica

by Catherine Groux

Costa Rica is one of my favorite places on the planet, but I think that has more to do with who I am when I'm there than the destination itself. It's the kind of place that demands you to fully surrender to it, giving into its relaxed lifestyle, relinquishing to its natural beauty, and fully appreciating the stunning landscapes that surround you. It invites you, it enchants you, and it grips you until your only option is just let go. Trust me, you'll be sipping a cold Imperial, zip-lining through the forest canopy, and swimming in the pool of a towing waterfall before you can say "pura vida."

Eaton Chelsea: A New Name on a Toronto Landmark

by James Careless

How time flies: Back on October 1975, the Delta Chelsea Hotel opened near the corner of College Street and Gerrard; right in the heart of downtown Toronto and right beside the ever-useful TTC subway. Then as now, it was the biggest hotel in Toronto with a whopping 1,590 rooms.

In July 1, 2013, the Chelsea disaffiliated from the Delta chain and became the Eaton Chelsea. No, the name has nothing to do with the Eaton Centre or the once-mighty Eaton’s department store chain. The Eaton chain is owned by Langham Hotels of Hong Kong, and they were using the Eaton name in Asia before they snapped up the Chelsea. The Eaton coincidence is just that; a coincidence – even though it is adjacent to the defunct Eaton College store.

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