Gaycation Magazine Issue 19 September 2015

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Join us for New York Fashion Week where we show you the latest trends, insights, and tips for the world traveler in all of us. Outerwear played a huge role in the designs which was derived from the designer's personal experiences and travel. Fashion week was in full swing and we got a complete look into the fall fashion trends.

Fall Styles: Inside New York Fashion Week

by Andrew Villagomez

All the conceptions you may have about attending a fashion week have totally been true. It can be a madhouse of Olympic proportions.

When New York Fashion Week was at Lincoln Center, you couldn’t walk by the plaza area without passing by photographers snapping photos of stylish individuals (or aiming at you if they liked your look that day), attendees such as editors, media personalities, buyers and those working the shows racing through the crowds to get in and out of the venue and on to what’s next on their sure-to-be-packed schedule, emerging talent such as new bloggers, fashion school students and other fashionistas without an invite looking to either get snapped or sneak in, and tourists curious as to what all the fuss is about. I’ve seen different aspects of what goes into a fashion week over the past couple of years as a blogger, writer and street style photographer, and though it is a lot of hustle and bustle, if it’s a passion of yours it’s all worth it.

Whisked away to Kilkenny, Ireland’s Ballybur Castle

by Zack Cahill

The Irish-American novelist Colum McCann has said of his transatlantic lifestyle, “When I come home, I say I’m going home to Dublin. When I’m in Dublin, I say I’m going home to New York.” It’s a sentiment every Irish emigrant can relate to, including myself, though my adopted home is just an hour’s flight across the water in London. Still, in the six months since I was last in Ireland there have been times when the country has felt a million miles away. The same-sex marriage referendum in June saw the “Yes” side winning by a seismic margin and the country promptly set itself to Defcon Party. There were marriage proposals in pubs, singing in the streets and endless tears of joy. Meanwhile I, ineligible to vote and traveling for work, missed the whole thing.

So maybe my extended absence has made the little differences more apparent, but landing in Dublin and taking a stroll through town it really does feel like there’s something in the air. Many friends have mentioned that you see far more same-sex couples holding hands in the streets now. But there’s also just a general sense of pride among the people, gay and straight alike, that we decided as a nation to create a fairer society. After years of economic turmoil and austerity, Dublin—and Ireland as a whole—has a buzz about it again...

Look Out, Amsterdam Antwerp is Gunning For the Gay Crown

by David Perry

There is solid chocolate, liquid chocolate, good-date chocolate, bad-date chocolate, birthday chocolate, unbirthday chocolate, I-love-life chocolate, shoot-me-now chocolate, morning chocolate, noon chocolate, evening chocolate, I-so-deserve-this chocolate, what-did-I-do-to-deserve-this chocolate, YOLO chocolate, happy chocolate, sad chocolate, and pissed-off chocolate.

Then there is Belgian chocolate.

And in the hallowed, cacao-tinged presence of Dominique Persoone, the “Shock-o-latier” of Antwerp, who actually went out and invented a contraption that shoots chocolate powder up your nose (I tried one), I saw the light. Well, stars, anyway. One whopping chocolate buzz later and I was skittering through the rest of that city at a sprint. Weeee...

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