Gaycation Magazine Issue 12 January 2015

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Lombok Indonesia is just a little tiny island that has Bali as a neighbor. The feature for this month can't get any more tropical. Lombok forms part of a chain of islands that separates it from Bali.

Lesbians on the Loose in Lombok

By Dee Farrell

Little Lombok Island - in the shadow of big brother Bali - was named one of the best places to travel in 2014, and subsequently is now experiencing an influx of visitors from far and wide. Naturally, gay and lesbian visitors had already followed the buzz heard around Lombok Indonesia and staked a claim - as a gaycation hideaway, not a hotspot.

Imagine our surprise in 2013 before the travel guide recommendation when we uncovered a gay-owned luxury villas and gourmet restaurant outside of Senggigi (American owner) and gay welcoming casual restaurant and tropical bar in the heart of this main tourist village (Australian owner). As Australian-American lesbians, we felt at home instantly. But we wanted a different loop around Lombok sans tourist traps, so we elected to go exploring the four corners with a local guide. Happy Lombok Tours’ English-speaking owner offered off-the-beaten track itineraries just right for “women of a certain age.”

Grand Bahama Island

by Dan McCrory

Shocking though it may seem, tropical locales like the Bahamas are a couple of steps behind us in the establishment of marriage equality and other rights that some of us are beginning to take for granted in American society. Like President Obama, the Bahamian opinion of the LGBT community is “evolving.” More on that later.

Grand Bahama Island is not the biggest or the closest island to Florida, but it’s pretty close. Looking for a tropical island getaway in the Caribbean, there are a plethora of choices: Aruba, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic. Grand Bahama, though somewhat rustic, is not overrun by tourists, a drawing card for those looking to get away from it all. If you’re looking for a party scene, head to Nassau on Paradise Island. If an LGBT community will grow and thrive in the Bahamas, Nassau with its WTF attitude would be the place.

Craving Condado Beach: San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

By Kelsy Chauvin

Among the swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, it’s easy to find a tropical paradise. We narrow down those great vacation choices based on an island’s size, hotel options, culture and history, and how much adventure versus simple relaxation to pursue.

But LGBT travelers have more to consider than simply where to throw down their beach blankets. A seaside escape should mean comfort both in accommodations and feeling welcome. To that end, consider gay-friendly San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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