Why hello you beautiful people! I’m Tox Josh, Aesthetic Registered Nurse & Gay Boy Extraordinaire! Yours truly from Nashville, TN! I am one of the Top 100 Injectors in America and my motto is let me transform your face while your heart learns something! But trust me, this isn’t your normal, everyday, boring, over done article you are used to seeing. I’m known for spilling the tea on all the things huntea, not just beauty, that is sure to make you laugh all the while inspiring the heck up out of you!

So, you are at home and wanna feel like a million bucks?! Don’t we all! Well, here’s the Gospel according to TJ! And no these are not the answers you are going to find in Allure or Elle...we about to get real!

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Bitch I know you boys are thirsty – I can bet if most of you checked your DMs right now that would be confirmation enough that the men in this city aren’t getting enough water...well something! ;-)

The human body is up to 60% water, yet we are walking around dehydrated as all get out, not giving the body what its mostly made up of! So, one of the easiest ways to feel a ton better is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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I know it’s hard to communicate sometimes but remove those boundaries girl – from here on out you are free to express yourself in the same way our girl Britney Spears does when she opens up her TikTok app! And make sure that communication you do in the mirror to yourself while getting ready or slaying that face for a fun night out is 100% positive! We have people tearing us apart all the time, don’t let yourself be one of them!

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Ritual Bath

Take a weekly ritual bath and let us all wash away the toxic gay culture in this city ... you read, I said it...you know it’s the truth.... but maybe another column at another time for that topic. Running a bath in itself can be relaxing AF. Throw in some skin softening bath milk, Epsom salt, a bath bomb from Lush, or some essential oils, and you have a concoction for a better you! Girls, just be careful...your Pink Flower is pH sensitive, and you want to use lady part friendly materials in your bath water so She doesn’t get upset!

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We all know we have that one drawer or cabinet in our lives that is like that toxic boy/girl we need to get rid of! Make room for new energy and positivity in your life by de-junking your home! You know that euphoric feeling when your home isn’t a mess! And for the love of God throw out that St. Ives scrub already!

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At Home Facial

At home facial? Don’t threaten me with a good time! Taking your boring skincare routine up a notch by giving yourself a facial massage and taking some extra time giving yourself some self-love while applying your skincare is a great way to make you not only glowy AF but feeling ready to conquer your day!

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Binge Watch TV

What’s better than a day in bed, watching shows that give you all the feels, surrounded by carbs and things shaped like baguettes?! Sometimes it is A O K to do absolutely nothing, and turn your mind off, and simply binge watch your favorite show! If it brings you joy, then huntea do it!

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Yes. You read that right! Just like your mom used to tell you – no one knows YOU better than YOU! And for reals, we have sooo criminalized and demonized sex and sexuality, especially when it comes to ourselves and self-love and touch that it blows my mind. But I’m here to tell you the only thing wrong with that picture is that you are not blowing your own mind enough sis/bro! So lay down, feel yourself, explore all your fantasies, and explore your body, and have the orgasm OF YOUR LIFE! We all know straight men sure as hell don’t know where the happy button is...might as well touch it yourself! ;)

Now go feel like a million bucks!



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This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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