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The Best Cannabis Edibles for 2023

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I think we’ve all been there back in the day when we smoked our first joint, and then some, (sorry mom)–hacking, coughing, and choking on the herbaceous weed. Nowadays, there are several products on the market that produces the same effects but without a sore throat like the popular cannabis edibles.

These extremely popular products have hit mainstream markets across the country and are setting sales records. Some of the strongest edibles can reach 30 mg of THC but remember to check the labeling because not all edibles are created equal. Some edibles have THC while others are marketed as having CBD.

You can purchase THC and CBD in the form of tinctures, gummies, chocolates, and even ready-to-drink cocktails and beverages. Remember, THC is what gets you high, and CBD can help with relaxation and calmness. What’s more, the edible flavors are endless. I’m by no means an expert but I did try out a couple of products just to see how effective they are. For the record, I wasn’t using them to get high throughout the day–okay, there was this one time my friend gave me an edible while we were out, but that’s another story. I actually have a difficult time sleeping through the night and the thought of continually taking sleeping pills, or products like Zzzquil, where you wake up in a foggy mess, isn’t appealing.

I want something that is going to put me to sleep, keep me asleep, and wake me up feeling rested and refreshed. The best type of edible products for me is those that put you to sleep. In case you weren’t aware, there are edibles out there that can get you high, feel good, and relaxed. Others are made specifically for relaxation, sleep, or even anxiety.

Dad Grass

Dad Grass box and tincture bottle sitting on a wooden table.

Photo courtesy of Dad Grass

Dad Grass CBD Tincture

The Dad Grass brand has several product forms but the one I tried was the tincture. With the tincture and dropper, you simply place drops under your tongue about 30 minutes before bed. It’s made using 100% organic hemp flower grown in the U.S., and doesn’t include any herbicides, pesticides, or additives.

It does have a high dose of CBD and CBN (slightly psychoactive) but I found that the grassy smell and flavor didn’t make me high. Rather, it gave me a calming feeling and I felt relaxed enough to fall asleep. It has a grassy smell and the flavor is what you would expect to taste like; grassy and slightly bitter. It wasn’t my favorite, but it’s a passing moment and not completely horrible to taste.

Really, the hardest part was placing it under your tongue for 30 seconds. You immediately begin to salivate and your instinct is to swallow. I don’t know how effective it is to do this, so I tried swallowing it immediately as well as placing it sublingually. To be honest, I don’t know if I could tell the difference. Further testing is required.

Easy Application
High CBD

Grassy Flavor

Dad Grass


incredibles chocolate bar sitting on top of a stack of smores.

Photo courtesy of Incredibles

Incredibles S'mores Bar 100mg THC

For me, this was the best type of edible because it had a bit more kick to it due to the added THC. The packaging says 100 mg of THC but really each square is 10 mg each with 10 squares of chocolate. The S’mores Infused Edibles solves two problems at once. Chocolatey snack for the sweet tooth and sleep-inducing qualities from the THC. Usually, you can take half a square to a full square to figure out which dosage works best for you.

One square a night right before bed and you’re good to go (to sleep). They do offer several other options with THC and some with a combination of THC and CBD for added effect. I’m not a huge fan of S’mores but in chocolate bar form, they were pretty good.

I always say I’m not a sweets kind of person but then they show me chocolate and I’m a goner. The packaging is childproof and funny. They make the jokes like Boom. Roasted. At least I hope it’s a joke because that’s what I take it at. You’re high Clairee…Anyway, they have several types of edible products to choose from like hard candies, gummies, and sours. The downside is that you’re paying a lot for 10 squares of chocolate mixed with THC. Definitely not a deal breaker but for a month’s supply, that could add up.

Taste Great
THC Based



What to Consider When Buying Edibles

Type of Relief

The first thing on your list should be what you want out of your edible. If you’re looking for a feel-good high, then THC is. If you’re wanting to relax and calm your mind without the high feeling, then CBD (and possibly CBN) is where it’s at. However, there are options for THC and CBD giving you the best of both worlds.


It goes without saying but you should always choose all-natural products with no additives, preservatives, or chemicals. THC and CBD should be derived from U.S.-based ingredients. However, even some of the best cannabis edibles will have added sugar and flavorings, it’s unavoidable but the base products themselves should be free of harmful chemicals.

Lab Tested

Sometimes it’s hard to tell but the THC, CBD, and CBN ingredients should be lab-tested. When a product is lab-tested, they ensure it’s free of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants. They can also verify the potency of the product you’re about to consume.

Flavor and Potency

Luckily, you can find THC and CBD in just about any flavor and potency level. You need to know what your tolerance level is and adjust accordingly. Too little of a dosage will be ineffective and too high of a dosage can be a serious issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What edibles are best for beginners?

This depends on the product you are going to eat but it’s always a good idea to start small, like 5 mg of THC. With CBD, you can start with a higher dosage because it’s not as psychoactive as THC. Once you are comfortable with this, you can adjust according to your needs.

Do edibles give you a hangover?

Edibles don’t typically cause hangover-like symptoms but that’s not to say they can’t. Cannabis stays in your body much longer than alcohol does and it can sometimes feel like you have a hangover. If this happens, you should definitely cut back on your dosage or just take a break from edibles.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

  • THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. This is what gives you the “high” feeling and is mind-altering.
  • CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant, is not addictive, and is used for more medicinal applications. It does not contain THC so, therefore, is not mind-altering.

How long does it take for edibles to kick in?

Edibles can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours to kick in. Also, ingesting THC or CBD is much more potent and longer lasting.

Final Thoughts

Having the best cannabis edibles comes down to personal preference and needs. I use them for their sleep-inducing qualities. I am perfectly fine using edibles made with CBD, THC, or a combination as long as I can sleep and sleep well! Now that cannabis is legal in over 20 states and territories, you can find a dispensary that offers a variety of products. There is nothing wrong with cannabis and its use; the stigma it once had is thankfully diminishing however, as with any substance, partake responsibly.

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