Give the gift of CBD (aka relaxation) this Christmas

By Megan Lane

When you’re contemplating what presents to purchase for your *adult* loved ones, bear in mind that 2020 was perhaps the most stressful year we have ever faced. From the coronavirus to the political tension, there has been an ongoing stream of negativity, so, why not give the gift of relaxation this Christmas?

CBD — otherwise known as cannabidiol — is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant. When it’s extracted and used in various forms of products, CBD can promote relaxation and better sleep, reduce physical pain, depression and anxiety, rid the skin of pesky blemishes, regulate mood fluctuations, plus so much more.

There are thousands of CBD companies which makes picking out the best products quite challenging. It’s important to remember that not all CBD products are created equally. Echo reveals a variety of products to make your holiday hemp shopping a breeze.

Bloom Farms: Rose Gold Mini Vapor Pen

The Bloom Farms Mini Rose Gold Vapor Pen provides the recipient of this gift a breath of relaxation with each puff. The device itself is sleek, visually appealing, and is a perfect stocking stuffer. There’s no need to press any buttons — simply inhale, exhale, and chill out. The vape cartridge contains top of the line broad-spectrum hemp oil and comes with roughly 300 puffs. There is no risk of overheating because it shuts off automatically after every five second pull. Know someone looking for the best CBD vape? Look no further. ($39 retail value)

Lady Jays: Pre-Rolls

Lady Jays sells the best of the best strain specific pre-rolls. Their attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed with the pastel colored packs and impeccable design. This female-owned company is devoted to providing the world with the motivation to indulge in self-care. If relaxation and mild sedation is up your loved one’s alley, go with the Bubba Kush and Oregon Watermelon. Each pack contains 10 half gram pre-rolls made from organic hemp flower. ($25 retail value)

Goodekind: Notorious Crumble CBG Concentrate

Do you know someone who is seeking some legal euphoria? Well, then you should know that this Notorious Crumble CBG Concentrate is the way to go this holiday season. This one of a kind hemp-derived product is designed for dabbing or using as a bowl-topper. Not only does it induce euphoria, but the user will reap the medicinal benefits, too. CBG, another popular cannabinoid, is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, promote gut health, good digestion and wakefulness, and a lot more. Goodekind is a minority- and woman-owned business who donates an eighth of all profits to human rights organizations serving the US. This Christmas, let’s get ready to Crumble! ($40 retail value)

Ned: Sleep Blend CBD Oil

Chronic and acute sleep disorders are often the result of stress, however, that’s where Ned’s newly launched 750mg Sleep Blend CBD Oil comes in to save the day. This blend contains both CBD and CBN — CBN is an increasingly popular cannabinoid that is reported to have the highest level of sedative properties. This full-spectrum tincture will help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling refreshed and clear-headed. With other ingredients like chamomile, calendula, and valerian, your loved one will be sleeping great come the new year. ($96 retail value)

Foria: Awaken Arousal Oil

The Awaken Arousal Oil is the greatest gift for anyone who loves sex or solo play. CBD increases blood flow to the area of application (in this case, likely the clitoris,) which in turn, creates more sensations, elevated erotic enjoyment, and more powerful orgasms. Foria’s USDA organic and vegan broad-spectrum hemp product is also safe for oral sex. (We certainly have a lot of fun using this one.) Simply apply a few drops, engage in some foreplay for 5-10 minutes while the effects kick in, and then you’re ready to go. You can gift this to your favorite couple or maybe a friend who needs to destress with some solo “me time.” ($48 retail value)

Why Not Gift a Sex Toy, Too?

Yes, we know, sex toys go hand in hand with intimacy products like Foria’s Awaken Arousal Oil. We suggest purchasing Tracys Dog’s Nina Vibe Couple’s Vibratoror Emojibator’sQueenie Swan Finger Vibefor solo play. Sex toys and sex oils? Hell yes! That is the best holiday duo gift ever, especially for someone who needs less stress in your life. Check out both websites for sex toy options galore. When paired with CBD arousal oil, it’s a *chef’s kiss.*

Papa & Barkley: Releaf Repair Cream

For the people in your life who are addicted to both skincare products and hemp, Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Repair Cream is the ultimate gift for their stocking. This botanical cream is formulated with fresh pressed hemp rosin, jojoba oil, and squalane — leaving your face and neck feeling moisturized without the unwanted greasy residue. Research supports that when CBD is used in skincare products, it can help conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea, in addition to the soothing effects. After application, your skin will feel light and airy, making this product a must have. ($59 retail value)

Greater Goods: Marshmallow Bon-Bons

We would be remiss if we didn’t include the most stellar CBD edible in all of existence. For the person in your life with the neverending sweet tooth, these Marshmallow Bon-Bons will be a huge hit this Christmas. Each of these sweet treats are chewy, soft vegan marshmallows coated in organic dark chocolate and topped with chocolate sea salt to provide the most delectable flavors known to mankind, all within several bites of heaven. Greater Good’s included six 15mg full-spectrum bonbons per pack. Chocolate that reduces pain and anxiety? Does it get better than that? ($16 retail value)

Lord Jones: Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer

Lord Jones created the gift of luxury, their famous, full-spectrum Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer, containing 250mg per jar. Not only does this heavenly facial cream come with a mini golden spoon for the perfect sized scoop, but your loved one can restore their skin’s pH level, which is often depleted from over-exfoliating and skincare products with harsh chemicals. For a bonus, the golden spoon can be stored in the fridge and pressed on the temples and pressure points for extra TLC. ($75 retail price)

Kush Queen: Pride Bath Bomb

This PRIDE bath bomb is made from 100mg of full-spectrum CBD. The blissful aroma from the essential oils and holographic glitter will have your loved one wanting to soak in the tub forever. But for the best results, Kush Queen suggests embracing the calming fizz for roughly 20 minutes. Providing topical and mood relief, this hemp-infused bath bomb will relieve aches and pains while easing day-to-day stressors and anxieties. ($16 retail value)

KÖVO: Repair Toner Mist

The winter time is infamous for causing dry skin and no one likes when their face is flaking away dead skin. For the person in your life who experiences dreaded dry winter skin, KÖVO created a Repair Toner Mist which is packed with probiotics, green tea, 100mg THC-free CBD, peptides, aloe juice, and more. These hero (plus vegan and cruelty-free) ingredients are hydrating and moisturizing. The probiotics replenish the skin with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, strengthening the skin’s natural defense against bacteria. Your loved one will appreciate this gift and so will their skin. ($60 retail value)

Happy Karma Hemp: 1000mg Hemp Extract Oil

Happy Karma Hemp’s 1000mg Hemp Extract Oil is a proprietary formula containing full-spectrum CBD in a 2oz easy to use pump bottle. This certified organic and non-GMO blend contains essential oils for additional relief. Every hand-crafted batch made by this female- and lesbian-owned company undergoes a sound bath performed by a Reiki Master, making this the perfect gift for hemp lovers, fans of ethically-sourced products, and spiritual folks alike. ($99 retail price)

Truly Beauty: Hemp Acne Patches

Know of any friends that are trying to find a quick solution for pimple resolution? These Hemp Acne Patches are adorably shaped like cannabis leaves and they contain 5mg of CBD per patch, in addition to salicylic acid and other key skincare ingredients. Simply adhere one of Truly Beauty’s patches onto a pesky pimple before bedtime, go to sleep, and then watch the magic happen — the pimples drain throughout your peaceful slumber and the post healing process speeds up, too. This gift comes with 36 patches per package. ($13 retail value)

Happy Dance: Whipped Body Butter

Lord Jones collaborated with actress Kristen Bell to launch Happy Dance, premium hemp products with affordable pricing. The Whipped Body Butter is packed with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD and other healthy ingredients like raw cocoa butter, shea butter, and olive oil. Give the gift of head-to-toe moisturization this year. With the bright, colorful packaging, your friends and family will rave about their favorite present from you. ($30 retail value)

Out & About: CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix

These tropical flavored energy drink mixes contain 120mg of caffeine mixed with 12.5mg of CBD, which is perfect for the kickstart many of us need in the early morning hours. There is also enough caffeine to pick you back up after an intense workout or if you need a midday boost. CBD is known for counteracting the unpleasant side-effects associated with caffeine — you know, the jitters, anxiety, and crash. Out and About created a 5-pack box with convenient pouches, perfect for taking with you anywhere you go — just mix the powder in a reusable water bottle and enjoy. Bonus points, they’re hella cute. ($19.95 retail value)

Skin Aligned: Premium CBD Face Balm

The Gen.Zen Premium CBD Face Balm comes from a female- and esthetician-owned company. Each balm contains 333mg of pure crystalline CBD isolate, which transforms into a luscious oil composed of all natural ingredients that work in unison to rejuvenate the skin. This formula by Skin Aligned is specifically designed to treat acne, blemishes, dark spots, redness, and irritation. ($75 retail price)

Her Royal Hempress: Supreme Relief Muscle Rub

Who doesn’t suffer from aches, pains, and discomfort? Stress is known to cause physical symptoms such as these, but the Supreme Relief Muscle Rub is the perfect gift for any adult in your life. With a whopping 500mg of full-spectrum CBD and a blend of analgesic herbs, this potent formula can reduce or even eradicate the most uncomfortable or lingering pain. This product is also an essential for exercise enthusiasts, as it soothes post-workout muscle soreness. Since Her Royal Hempress only uses the highest quality ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and arnica, you can feel at peace knowing your gift will a gift that keeps on giving. ($75 retail value)

Lumi: Cloud Pens

Lumi took a unique take on CBD products by creating a “balanced-spectrum” of cannabinoids. By adding higher levels of THC (within the legal limit,) CBG, CBC, CBN, and more, consumers can experience mild euphoria by microdosing. You can gift one of their Microdose Sprays or a full-spectrum Cloud Pen, which are available in five different strains so you can choose your loved one’s fav. These are perfect for near-immediate relief — this holiday season, go ahead and puff away the pain. Each pen contains 500mg and 200 doses. ($35 retail value for the pen, $25 for the spray)

Lord Jones: Body Lotion

Give the gift of luxury to the person in your life who deserves to be pampered. This 200mg full-spectrum Body Lotion created by the well-known Lord Jones is an essential present for anyone who loves being spoiled. There is a cooling sensation they’ll experience upon application while providing their skin necessary, rich, and decadent moisture. You can choose from three fragrances and two sizes. ($40 to $60 retail value)

WLDKAT: Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic

For the skincare addict in your life, WLDKAT created a 150mg broad-spectrum “miracle juice” named Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic. Kombucha contains probiotics which strengthen the skin and ginger root extract is composed of over 40 antioxidants properties, providing the skin with an even tone, reduced scarring, and improved elasticity — the antiseptic agents in ginger can minimize acne flare-ups. Much like Korean skin tonics, this pink bubbly can be used as a toner and serum, you get to gift a two-in-one. ($24 retail value, $10 for 1oz)

Tribe Tokes: CBD Gummy Bears

CBD gummy bears are popular when it comes to favorite modes of consumption. Tribe Tokes recently launched all natural, organic gummies — 20 per box with 15mg of high-quality CBD per bear. This unique brand decided to use natural flavorings, colorants, and juice extracts, minus artificial sweeteners. The result? Wellness, mental and physical relief, and tastiness all in one box. ($45 retail value.)

REM: Whipped Body Butter Holiday Edition

REM released their signature Whipped Body Butter in holiday scents — toasted marshmallow, hot chocolate, and harvest spice.This heavenly concoction contains 500mg of THC-free CBD. With hero ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, and of course, CBD, your loved one’s skin will thank them for the moisture, anti-aging, and soothing effects. Plus, it is organic, plant-based, cruelty free, and lab tested. ($55 retail value)

Seventh Hill CBD: Unwind Caramels

Seventh Hill’s six pack of Unwind Caramels is a delectable combination of delicate and creamy organic ingredients. The subtle taste of lavender mixed with traditional, yet top of the line caramel notes, creates the perfect gift for any dessert lover. Each caramel contains a whopping 25mg of CBD and 1mg of THC (in accordance with the legal limit for hemp-derived products.) The terpene profile is reminiscent of an indica strain, meaning your loved one will feel the relaxation in their body and mind. ($25 retail value)

Sagely Naturals: Drift & Dream Body Oil

CBD Body Oil is designed to be applied to the skin while still damp after showering or bathing. When skin is still semi-wet, the moisture is better retained. We personally enjoyed how moisturized and silky our bodies felt after use. Sagely Naturals has expert chemists and naturopaths assist in the process of formulating this perfect blend of 100mg broad-spectrum hemp and plant-based ingredients (lavender, geranium, and clary sage oil.) This an exceptional gift for anyone seeking a worthwhile addition to their nighttime ritual. Not only will this product promote relaxation, but the recipient will experience the topical pain-relieving effects and the best night’s sleep. ($29.99 retail value)

Pax: Pax 3

Looking for a grand present to gift this holiday season? Pax created the Pax 3 — a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer — in four gorgeous colors. Your loved one will have the option of using hemp flower or hemp concentrates, such as wax, shatter, or live rosin. The device itself is sleek, discreet, and USB rechargeable. We personally adore the gorgeous design — also, the Pax 3 works exceptionally well and is easy to use. Everything you’ll need is included, aside from the flower and concentrates. Feel like going big this year? Pax 3 is the way to go. ($250 retail value)

Life Elements: Day Face Serum

CBD skincare products are the new trend — this popular cannabinoid promotes homeostasis and contains Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties. Life Elements created a broad-spectrum 250mg day serum to make your mornings, and your complexion, brighter. This handmade, cruelty-free, and family-owned company literally crafted the holy grail of skincare products. Besides brightening, the Day Face Serum can reduce fine lines, hydrate the skin, promote radiance, plus so much more. Give the gift of luxurious beauty this season. ($68 retail value)

Lady A: Daily Fix Capsules

For people who prefer an easy to use, hassle-free method of consumption, Daily Fix Capsules are the best of the best. Lady A developed a blend of broad-spectrum CBD, rosehip oil, and matcha green tea. These ingredients work together to give you the push start you need to fulfill your daily work and errands. Each capsule is 25mg, and there is 30 per container. ($73 retail value)

Equilibria: Cranberry Elderflower Daily Drops

Equilibria released a limited edition CBD oil in a holiday flavor, Cranberry Elderflower, to add to their product line up. These 300mg drops offer convenient and accurate dosing, 10mg per 1ml dropper. Each batch is single-sourced, vegan, non-GMO, hand harvested, organic, and gluten-free. Does it get any better than that? For the person in your life who favors the holistic approach and clean ingredients, this especially delicious full-spectrum bottle of goodness is the right choice.

Peak Extracts: Special Sauce Tincture

Peak Extracts is a LGBTQ+-owned brand that sells a wide array of CBD products. Our favorite is their indica-dominant, Special Sauce Tincture, because your friends and family will benefit from the calming effects after the most stressful year ever. The 729mg tincture is vegan and rich in terpenes. Depending on who you’re gifting, you can choose from sativa-dominant strains or even CBN-rich tinctures that promote better sleep. ($60 retail value)

Her Highness: The Queen’s Elixir Vape Pen Kit

The queen in your life deserves to vape in luxury. Her Highness created The Queen’s Elixir Vape Pen Kit which comes with a sleek gold vape pen and matching gold USB charger. With 200mg of full-spectrum CBD and a to-die-for mint tea flavor, your sweetheart is bound to fall in love with her new hemp-derived best friend. This vape in particular is perfect for people on the go, simply slip it in your pocket, wallet, or purse. ($60 retail value)

WhistlePig + Alfa Romeo F1

SHOREHAM, VT (September 13, 2023) — WhistlePig Whiskey, the leaders in independent craft whiskey, and Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake are waving the checkered flag on a legend-worthy release that’s taking whiskey to G-Force levels. The Limited Edition PiggyBack Legends Series: Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Barrel is a high Rye Whiskey selected by the Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake drivers, with barrels trialed in their wind tunnel to ensure a thrilling taste in every sip.

The third iteration in WhistlePig’s Single Barrel PiggyBack Legends Series, the Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Barrel is bottled at 96.77 proof, a nod to Valtteri Bottas’ racing number, 77, and the precision of racing. Inspired by Zhou Guanyu, the first Chinese F1 driver, this Rye Whiskey is finished with lychee and oolong tea. Herbal and floral notes of the oolong tea complement the herbaceous notes of WhistlePig’s signature PiggyBack 100% Rye, rounded out with a juicy tropical fruit finish and a touch of spice.

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