Over the course of the pandemic, particularly throughout the various lockdowns it entailed, many couples will have found themselves getting a little more experimental in the bedroom. Meanwhile, those who were forced to isolate separately may have enjoyed some increasingly raunchy conversations over the phone. In either instance, the pandemic has given us plenty of time to explore our sexuality and, in turn, share some exciting revelations with our partners.

From unveiling an unexpected interest in BDSM to any other wild kink, openly discussing a newfound sexual preference with your partner is to be encouraged. However, the prospect can be quite daunting! How will they react? What if they don't share your interests? These burning questions will loom in your mind until you decide to have this conversation. Don’t dwell on what might be; trust your partner and enjoy open communication – you should be able to be completely honest without fear of judgement.

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I do not know a single, truly successful, monogamous gay couple: I mean really know them.

I can’t even think of any real-life candidates for “we should be like that happy couple,” despite seeing many examples in the heterosexual world. Maybe this is what the wise gays mean when they start talking about the imposition of heteronormative relationship standards onto the homosexual experience.

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