Inside Indy's preeminent drag and burlesque troupe

Creepin’ It Burly (CIB) is an Indianapolis-based drag and burlesque troupe formed by Dorothy Dagger and Hex Addiction. This troupe was formed in March 2020 during quarantine after Dagger wanted more out of a home-based troupe than they were getting from their previous one.

“I reached out to Hex and suggested we start a new troupe together,” Dagger explained.

Bringing together drag and burlesque, the two asked a few of their favorite performers with homes to join them.

“We started out with roughly ten people,” Dagger said. “CIB put on virtual shows through Zoom and we’ve been going ever since.”

Since their first show back in July 2020 at Do It Different Fitness studio, who is also the troupe’s current sponsor, and with influencers like Katie Angel of Angel Burlesque who has always encouraged people of all shapes, sizes and colors to ‘do the damn thing and not look back,’ the troupe has shown that there are no limitations on what can be sexy and fun.

“We really want everyone to know that all things can be sexy, fun and attractive even the weird, creepy and scary,” Dagger explained. “CIB is a home for all the misfits in Indy that others might look down on their art. We embrace and celebrate it.”

Burlesque and drag goes beyond entertainment for masses. It’s deeper knowing that there is this otherworldly freedom to explore each time. A chance to reinvent. A chance to express yourself in ways society may deem incorrect. Each individual who graces a stage is artistry in motion.

“It’s a way of self-expression and uniqueness,” Dagger said. “It’s whatever the performer wants it to be, and to me that’s beautiful.”

While there is this excitement to exploring, for some it may be intimidating. Some might not know where or how to start. That’s the thing, you won’t know until you take the first step and Dagger has these same sentiments.

“Just do it, get there and do it,” Dagger stated. “Find a mentor if you have to, go to shows and meet people, ask a lot of questions! The best things in life make us uncomfortable.”

CIB performs at the Melody Inn here in Indianapolis on the last Sunday of each month and will be back at Do It Different Fitness and also can be found at different conventions throughout the year.

CIB Members

Vanity Rex is the abomination creeping up in all your sex dreams. A creation somewhere between The Babadook and Dolly Parton. A proud member of the hauses of Stoner and Gomorrah as well as Creepin It Burly.

Bruce Banger has decided that 2021 is the year he will come crashing into the drag and burlesque community. He went from fan, to kitten, to guest performer, and he is stoked to have found a home as an official member of Creepin it Burly. Is he cute? Is he crazy? Is he sexy? The hell if he knows, but he's excited to bring his hot boy shit, his dork side, and his passion for dance, acro, and entertainment to a stage near you!

Johnnee Crash (pronouns: they/them) is an up-and-coming drag performer and the newest member of the Indianapolis-based Creepin’ it Burly troupe. You never know what to expect from them, so buckle up babies!

The sultry lady of dance and multi-faceted goodness, the energetic beats and rhythmic feats that Chief Kweef has to bring to the stage is always guaranteed to get a crowd pumped and interested. She’s nice until she’s not, she’s hot and ready to trot, if Chief asks you to dance, she’s not asking you, she’s TELLING you.

Insolente Blue came into being after a coven of witches kicked her out due to her snark. She's a member of Creepin' It Burly since the beginning and loves being with such an amazing group. She's the go to for a mix of tits, ass, tattoos, and sass!

Hex Addiction! Co-founder and Graphic Artist of Creepin’ It Burly, and member of Project X Burlesque! Hex is known best for making you feel “some-type-of-way” about traditionally non-sexy characters! Beloved storybook figures, anime villains, grotesque movie monsters…you name it! Hex will find a way to ruin everything you love, and have you thanking them for it in the end! Come experience the blessing (and curse) that is Hex Addiction!

Maurice Mantini is an entertainment dynamo with high libido and higher cholesterol. When he is around, a good time is guaranteed to be had by all...except maybe his ex-wives, which is really more their problem than his. He dances, he hosts, he cracks jokes, and he looks good doing it.

Sweet and spicy, leather and lace, mess up, and she'll kick you in the f***ing face. A living chameleon, Eden Sitayu will change outfits in a show to the point that you can only recognize her by her glorious ass. Co-producer of Creepin It Burly, drag artist, Burlesque, Aerialist and peddler of smut. You can see her and her amazing troupe the last Sunday of each month at the Melody Inn, and soon back at DiD Fit Studios!

It's ya boy, Skinny Packer! Skinny Packer, AKA Indy's Meme King, is a drag king from Indianapolis. A proud member of Creepin' it Burly, as well as the Haus of Gomorrah, Skinny uses comedy and burlesque onstage to enchant and amuse his audiences. Come for the laughs, and leave falling in love with Skinny Packer.

Bella Bewitched first took the stage to ROCK your socks off in 2020. Sexy, sweet, but a little dangerous, Bella will bewitch you by moonlight, all night.

Co-founder of Creepin’ it Burly, Dorothy Dagger gets their kicks from horror and gore. A perfect combination of blood and glitter, Dorothy brings imaginative figures to life before your eyes - even the scary ones.

Vendella Nightshade is a performer of all trades. From aerial and circus arts, to floorwork and burlesque, this performer goes for it all. Vendella has performed all over Indy and wants to continue to bring her art form to the locals! Vendella enjoys anime, conventions, cosplaying, and managing the aerial studio DID FIT. Come check out a Creepin It Burly show to see what this vixen has to offer!

Emma Snake is Indiana’s premiere serpentine queen. She is a proud member of Indianapolis’s own Haus of Stoner and loves to bring her bearded flare to any stage that will have her. She has been performing for around 3 years and has shaped herself into a snake with many skins. Sultry, silly and seductive, Emma Snake is sure to bring it to the stage every time you see her.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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