Something new is coming down the pipeline from one of our favorite drag queens!

The wicked and beloved Kataya Zamolodchikova takes a break from the green screened “UNHhh” studios and watching Netflix shows with Trixie Mattel to join the Slamdance 2022 line up with her 3D immersive short film BE YOUR OWN DENTIST.

In this project, the “bright red scare with the long blonde hair” takes you on an immersive meditative journey (with a squeamish twist) to help you unwind after a long day - If you don’t mind a little blood, that is.

KATYA - Be Your Own Dentist (Official 3D Immersive Film)

The film joins a stacked line up of unique projects at Slamdance spotlighting independent artists, including others in the DIG showcase, Blockchain Fairy Tales, Unstoppable Program, and many more diverse programs.

So grab your meditation pillow and a pair of stainless steel pliers to join Katya and experience the best of what true independent film has to offer.

It’s not too late to explore all the diverse, accessible projects available now on the Slamdance Channel.

Andrew Van Dorsselaer


The DJ-production drag duo known as Jawbreakers is asking people to take "Just a Taste" of their upcoming EP. That flavorful sample called "Boyfriend" is available now on digital platforms. If you're thinking, hey, didn't Ashlee Simpson have a song of the same name back in 2005? Yes, she did, but this version is a lot more club-friendly with an EDM edge.

The creative process has many layers as most dance songs do these days. It begins with the Jawbreakers producing the music then finding a voice to sing it. In this case, Amunda, formerly of the Australian group Operator Please. The song dismisses its punk roots and evolves into a banger bop with dancefloor disco sass much like its producers.

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With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, James Heath-Clark, a.k.a. Honey Davenport, has left an indelible mark on the New York City nightlife scene and beyond, touring the world as a singer, dancer, actor, drag superstar, and club DJ. They are a recording artist and vocal activist whose music speaks to the experiences of the oppressed, advocating for equality for all. Today they release a new EP, LOVE IS GOD, as well as a new video for “Thrive” featuring Kevin Aviance.

LOVE IS GOD is a collection of songs about love and overcoming dark times with an overarching story of judicial and sexual liberation. The five tracks draw upon a myriad of inspiration -- from pop, disco, house and reggaeton -- while spreading a message of social justice and change. It features the iconic house DJ / nightlife legend Kevin Aviance (of the House of Aviance) as well as drag superstars Manila Luzon, Tammie Brown, LaLa Ri and Jackie Cox.

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