Tips and tricks for maintaining an at-home workout routine

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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and especially with cases now on the rise, we have all had to adapt to a “new normal” in some way, shape, or form. Many of these adaptations involve the transition to performing certain tasks from home.

A large number of people are now working from home, students are attending school online, we are conducting doctor visits from home, families are ordering more food delivery, and more people are practicing workout routines at home rather than go to a gym. However, with so many potential distractions at home, it can be difficult to establish and maintain an effective exercise and overall wellness routine.

It can be easy to spend hours at home sitting, especially if you are working from home as well. That is why it is so important to establish an at-home workout routine that is practical for you and is easy to stick to.

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Here are some helpful strategies and tips that can help you maintain an efficient and consistent at-home workout:

• Put your workouts on the calendar, so you follow a consistent routine and can establish boundaries between your workday and the time you work out. Many of us tend to depend on our calendars a great deal in order to efficiently mange our time throughout each day. Making that physical time separation, including reminder notifications, can help to promote a proper exercise cycle.

• Invest in a few basic gym essentials in order to make your workout more efficient without taking up a lot of space: resistance bands, yoga mat, kettlebells, or adjustable dumbbells. You do not have to go out and purchase the newest high-tech equipment in order to get an effective workout. Some basic equipment with the right instruction can make a tremendous impact.

• Hire a coach to help you establish the right program you need to match your fitness goals and also to hold you accountable. You can train with a real live coach either virtually in real-time or have them come to you and train you from your home. Having a coach not only provides that push and extra motivation, but it also ensures that you are conducting your exercises safely and properly to get the most out of each movement.

• Keep your workouts short, but effective, so you stick with it long enough to see results. To accomplish this, exercise selection is crucial: focus on choosing full body and compound movements. These give you more bang for your buck.

• Create a designated workout space in your home and be sure to include your favorite workout playlist. Have a simple space with plenty of room for you to move and include any equipment. No matter what your style of music, the right playlist will not only help you stay pumped throughout your workout, but it also makes it more fun.

The co-founder of Leading Edge Personal Trainers LLC, Noelle McKenzie, says, “Working out is hard enough, so it is important to have a unique workout plan that is tailored to you and your needs. In addition to an effective workout, a mindful health and wellness routine can only enrich your daily life.” She adds, “So many people also suffer from chronic pain, but there are specific exercises that can help them relieve that pain and live their best quality of life.”

Leading Edge Personal Trainers is a black-owned NYC based family business that was launched back in 2008 by Kern Alexander and Noelle McKenzie. They provide three uniquely tailored program options: private in-home personal training in NYC, private virtual personal training sessions, and individual online coaching through their customized fitness app. Leading Edge Personal Trainers also provide personalized nutritional support with all of their programs. They do not believe in a one size fits all approach, but that every individual client has their own unique needs.

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Ms. McKenzie offers some additional wellness tips:

• Focus on form first by assessing your posture and starting with mobility and corrective exercise - both are beneficial for improving how well you feel and enabling you to move pain free.

• Plan out your meals for the week and use this to do a big grocery haul at the top of the week, so you have meals easily accessible when your days get busy. This way you can avoid skipping meals and help ensure healthy eating habits.

• Start your day with water and keep a water bottle next to you at all times to make sure you're staying hydrated.

• Take time out for yourself each week to decompress and recharge.

• Practice cutting back on screen time before bed. Try reading a book or meditating instead to help get your body ready for sleep.

• Make sure you schedule out a lunch break on your work calendar, so you do not work through lunch.

Everyone is different and unique, so your workout routine should be tailored to your needs. Whether it is physical limitations, scheduling issues, or lack of exercise knowledge, there are still customized workout and wellness routines that will work for you. Also, finding a helpful and qualified trainer or exercise coach can provide that needed guidance.

About Leading Edge Personal Trainers

Leading Edge Personal Trainers is a Black-owned NYC based family business which was launched in 2008 by Kern and Noelle McKenzie Alexander. Leading Edge provides 3 uniquely tailored program options: private in-home personal training in NYC, private virtual personal training sessions and individual online coaching through their customized fitness app.They also provide personalized nutritional support with all of their programs. They do not believe in a one size fits all approach but that every individual client has their own unique needs.

Leading Edge understands that working out is hard enough, so they bring the flexibility and convenience of being able to customize your program design to your specific needs. If you live in NYC they bring a hand-picked fitness professional right to you so you never have to leave your home to workout again! For more information, visit:
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