Who should be our next President?

I've received several requests to discuss my thoughts on the Democratic Presidential nominees, so for this article, I'm going to look at both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Positive Points

Let me start out by saying I really and truly feel proud of both of our nominees. They seem to have very optimistic and exciting plans for the future of America. The fact that the citizens of the United States have been so vocal and actively involved this year is proof that we really are dedicated to moving forward in this country. We want to get involved, we want our voices to be heard, and we're pushing for a better country where everyone receives the same basic human rights. Both Clinton and Obama are committed to making healthcare affordable for everyone, instead of a luxury that only some people can get.

How did we get to this place where insurance companies will reject you for coverage if you've been ill in the past? We're human, of course we get ill! Should we only be covered if we're 20 years old and healthy? I firmly believe that both candidates will help improve these conditions.

Both candidates also believe that the GLBT community deserves protection from discrimination and equal rights as domestic partners. Married couples receive numerous tax benefits and civil rights that gay couples do not. Yet we're still expected to pay the same taxes as married heterosexual Americans. It's time for things to be fair across the board.

But I feel the most pressing issue is Iraq. We simply need to get out of there, and both Clinton and Obama intend to make this happen. We are losing thousands of lives and it's time for this blood bath to end. I think that's a topic most of us can agree on.

So I feel united in the fact that both nominees share the common morals and interests that affect many of us. I will be happy if either one of them is elected President, because I think they both will improve America.

The Negative Points

Sometimes we have to step back and not be so wrapped up in the media gossip. If you look at the really big picture here, I think that both candidates will be really good for America. Of course they have flaws. I have them, you have them. If you put us on stage in front of the whole world, it's only natural that our flaws will be magnified.

I don't really see how much it matters if Obama is tied to an outrageous church leader, or if Clinton stretched the truth about being attacked while traveling with Chelsea back in the 1990s. The current President told us there were "weapons of mass destruction" and that's why we're in Iraq to begin with.

So with that being said, I'm not going to pick apart either candidate. I think we're all aware that each person has their shortcomings, and we're unrealistic if we think there will ever be a perfect candidate.

My Advice for Choosing the Next President

I urge you to focus on the positive points of each candidate and support them. They are both very strong candidates and I'm glad neither one of them has dropped out. Each has a very dedicated following of millions of supporters, and neither has won enough delegates yet, so this race isn't over.

Ellen Degeneres recently said on her talk show that the people of America should be heard in their choices, and as long as states are still voting, it's important to give everyone a fair chance.

History has countless examples of the polls taking unexpected turns, so just remain positive and push for your choice. But make sure you are heard, because without action, a thought is just a thought.

Best of luck to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008!

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