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In the face of recovery from a global pandemic, people are starting to venture back out into the world. Whether it is going on a trip, returning to school, getting back to work, or just attending local social events, many are reemerging with a new-found sense of caution and conscientiousness when it comes to their health and wellness. It is time to move forward with confidence and a boosted immune system.

Our immune system is designed to protect our bodies from disease and infection, but it is an intricate network that requires balance and harmony. There are numerous helpful habits that can assist to improve your immune function and enhance a healthy immune response.

In general, an efficient immune system is supplemented by a healthy lifestyle. This involves not only avoiding harmful habits like smoking and drinking excess amounts of alcohol, but also working to maintain an exercise routine, eat a balanced diet, and have a proper amount of sleep. Additionally, there are vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that can greatly contribute to sustaining a healthy body and mind. These general tips can easily be made a part of our daily routines.

During the pandemic, while most people were staying in their homes, the popularity of stay-at-home cooking skyrocketed. A great deal of people had to transition to working from home, which eliminated their commute and thus gave more time to dedicate to cooking a full, balanced meal. Trending recipes, food blogs, and cooking videos circulated to create fun projects resulting in nourishing meals. Several people continue to take advantage of the grocery delivery and curbside pickup services and are cooking more wholesome meals from scratch with higher-quality ingredients reducing the intake of processed foods and simple sugars. This improved diet education and practice is a great way to consistently promote your gut health and boost your immunity as we recover from the pandemic.

In addition to creative, healthful cooking habits, many also found fun and interesting ways of exercising at home during the pandemic while gyms were closed. As gyms and sports clubs are now reopening, people are continuing to try and maintain an active exercise routine. Proper exercise supports cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, controls weight, and even boosts immune function.

Along with a daily routine of proper diet and exercise, immune health can also be complemented by vitamins and herbal supplements. Vitamin C is probably the most popular when it comes to immune health. It can support various immune cells and help to clear out dead cells to make room for new and stronger ones. Vitamin D can improve the function of your white blood cells and reduce inflammation, which improves immune response. Elderberry has long been used to treat infections and can enhance immunity to alleviate cold symptoms and reduce the impact of viral infections. Certain medicinal mushrooms like Cordyceps, lion's mane, maitake, shitake, reishi, and turkey tail have shown to support immune health and reduce symptoms of certain ailments like asthma and lung infections.

With the abundance of herbal brands and supplements circulating in the world of health and wellness, it can be hard to know which producers to trust. Earthley is a personal care and wellness brand that is committed to providing clean, natural, and affordable herbal products for all. All of their products are completely produced in-house without any outsourcing to a third party. This ensures Earthley's mission of complete transparency with only the best ingredients that are safe and effective for the whole family.

Lead herbalist and CMO of Earthley, Kate Tietje, says, “Companies should be proud of what they're making and how they're making it. That's why we clearly list every single ingredient we use."

Earthley offers products such as capsules, lotions, oils, extracts, and more to help you better maintain your own daily health and wellness. Specifically, to help boost immunity, you may try Earthley's “Elderberry Elixir," “Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder," or “Super Food Powder." Making these supplements a part of your daily routine can help you to take charge of your health and give you the confidence to get back out into the world.

For more information, visit www.earthley.com

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