Weekly comedy theatrical to be held at PLAY

A new comedy show called "Sitcom" focusing on the love, laughter and drama that transpires backstage at a drag show will premire at Play Dance Bar in March.

Auditions for the six recurring characters in the series have been set for Saturday, February 5 from Noon to 6 p.m. at Play Dance Bar, 1519 Church Street in Nashville.

The show is a joint production of Play Dance Bar, Nashville Stages and playwright/producer Kaine Riggan.

The first "episod" of the live theatrical production is slated to open in March, but much like a television sitcom, an entirely new storyline for your favorite characters will be unveiled each month. Actors will often be required to rehearse the next episode while still performing the previous one.

Auditions are scheduled by appointment only by emailing nashvillestages@aol.com or calling (615) 889-4000. Although the storylines will call for many cameo appearances and recurring characters, the roles available in the first episode are described as follows:

MAX ­ (Drag/Male 40ish) The maternal queen mother of the cast. A former Opryland dancer, he finds himself stuck in a rut of twenty years as not only Maxine Monroe, Nashville¹s most popular emcee, but as the domestic partner of a workaholic father of two children. They share custody with the psycho ex wife from Belle Meade.

SUGAR ­ (Drag/Male 20ish) The beautiful "artist" that refuses to be called a drag queen. Formerly from Texas, she has a rough edge and a sharp witted tongue. Oh, and let's just say she's "sexually outgoing."

NICHOLAS ­ (Male Twink) Described by the playwright as the drag bat-boy, he volunteers backstage at every show and dreams of being a performer. A living oxymoron of sorts, at first glance he appears dim-witted and shallow - ok he is dim witted and shallow, but he is still a virgin and believes that his one true love is out there.

BOBBY ­ (Male 20-30) A political science major, he is the level headed stage manager of the show. A quirky, but preppy fratboy with political aspirations.

­ (Male 50+) The owner of the club with a reputation for being a chicken-hawk.

TONY ­ (Drag/Male 30-50)The new cast member ­ Miss Tiki Torchsong ­ He's fat, funny and FABULOUS. Oh, and he's married to a woman.

co-owner David Taylor believes that the show will not only be a must-see for the club¹s current clientele, but will draw first time patrons as well.

"The plan is to draw an early crowd for cocktails and laughter at 8:00 who might want to get home early for work the next day," Taylor explains. "Then we hope to entertain the night-owls with the 11:00 show that follows."

Playwright Kaine Riggan, whose most recent sell-out musical comedy "Could It Be Love" is scheduled for a limited engagement at The Ryman Auditorium this Spring, promises that although the play is set in a gay bar, there are characters that "anybody with a funny bone" can relate to.

"It will be an event that gay people can feel comfortable bringing their straight friends to." Riggan says. "I am honored that the guys at PLAY have asked me to be involved with such an important project for Nashville. Other Tennessee cities, like Memphis, for instance, have thriving gay/lesbian theatre companies and I hope that this show will prove that Nashville has the audience for it as well."

Riggan served as the Performing Arts Director for the Tennessee Arts Commission until this Spring.

SITCOM will be a professional non-equity production. Resumes are also being accepted for directors of future episodes. Theatre students are also encouraged to assist with production and promotion. For more information, call Nashville Stages at 615-889-4000.

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