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Who has a higher risk for covid-19?

The FDA changes blood donation requirements and pride celebrations have started and been delayed.

I'll catch you up on all this.

I'm Josh Robbins. This is LGBTQ Health Headlines presented by O&AN.

People living with HIV across the country including gay bi and trans individuals have been alarmed by coronavirus hitting immunocompromised or high-risk groups, but should those with the virus be extra worried since undetectable equals untransmittable proving HIV is actually well controlled because of daily antiretroviral medicine. Well, according to the CDC

So what's the best way to protect yourself? Well, besides everyday preventive actions like hand washing and eating right sleeping enough, you know, all that stuff the experts say and follow the advice of your healthcare

So relax, we're all just going to be just fine.

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Here are your current health headlines

The FDA made a big change of policy against surrounding blood donation requirements because of the strain coronavirus has put on blood donation centers causing a big shortage actually now the FDA allows gay and bi men to donate blood if the men haven't had sexual contact with a name anyone for three months.

This is down from 12-month requirement to abstain from sex that was previously in place. Advocacy groups still believe the new policy is unfair and ignores the safety measures already in place to test blood donations.

Well by anyone the FDA cites high risk as their reasoning. next ViiV Healthcare announce the result of the first investigational long-acting injectable PrEP study comparing a version of PrEP that is administered as a shot six times a year. with a daily PrEP pill and the results are remarkable. Actually, the injectable is 69 percent more effective than pill form, researchers say. no word yet.

If and when the will submit their method for broad FDA approval, but we will keep you updated and we're really excited about the options that are becoming available for the prevention of HIV in our country. It's been a long road hasn't it?

It is Pride Celebration Time in the US and if you couldn't tell by all the These companies changing their logos to Rainbow theme and turning gay. It's all cute, isn't it? I think so.

The only problem is that many Cities Pride events have been rescheduled postponed or even cancelled because of the lingering coronavirus pandemic.

It's hard to practice good ole social distancing in a pride festival or club right? Here's a brief list of cities that have canceled postponed or rescheduled their events this year.

I'm Josh Robbins. You've been watching LGBTQ Health Headlines presented by O&AN. See you next time.


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