Destinations To Put On The Map For 2022

by NomadicBoys

Travel has taken a massive tumble over the past two years but with prospects of a recovery in sight, we can start to dream about where we want to travel to this year.

The transition from a tired old year into a refreshing new start is nothing short of magical. Whether you’re located in warmer climates or surrounded by frigid, snowy landscapes, the thrills of a holiday are what most of us need to be dreaming about right now.

We have re-evaluated our list of some of the best upcoming gaycations to look forward to. We’re talking hot and cold, romantic and practical, wild and tame… We’ve seen it all. So, without further ado, allow us to take you for a fabulous stroll through our favorite upcoming Gaycations.

Staycation in the USA

America, the beautiful… It’s easy to forget about this country’s monumental size until you start looking at the land state by state. But when it comes to gaycations, we have to admit, bigger definitely does mean better!

Think about it: In the United States, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to exciting destinations! In Miami, Florida, beaches stay open year-round, which means more speedo-clad young men to peruse by the stunning sea. Meanwhile, New York City is as cold as they come... Yet, it maintains its romantic allure with its flashy lights and iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. New Orleans has a festival taking place almost every other week as does sultry Salt Lake City.

Whilst it’s still not clear if June Pride events will proceed, the ones later in the year like Miami Beach Pride in mid-September have been given the go-ahead. Beyond the beaches of Florida, other Staycation gems in the USA that are sure to boom this year include Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have for always been top of our Bucket List. As enthusiastic divers we’ve always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef. The mighty great white shark lurking in the deep, the underwater sights are sure to astound.

Though, suppose you feel safer on land. In that case, the seafood is irresistibly sweet, and Tasmania serves as a lovely home to gorgeous hiking spots.

Just a short hop and skip over to New Zealand to the land of Hobbiton and some of the most incredible scenery we’ve ever seen (thanks to the LOTR movies!). Not to mention the unique indigenous Maori culture to learn about.

What we love most about both countries is they are so welcoming to LGBTQ tourists, both a member of the gay marriage club and a large active gay community.


Thailand has been rising in popularity over the years - not only as a stunning travel destination but also as a gay hub of activity.

Anytime of year you come to Thailand is guaranteed to be amazing. Both the temperature and the humidity fall to more comfortable levels during the winter months, in April when it’s piping hot here, the big gay festivities such as Songkran and White Parties take place across Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui.

In between those nights of dancing and drinking, always be sure to take advantage of the breathtaking waters surrounding this island nation. Snorkel, scuba, sail, and unwind in your sunny, winter paradise. Our favorite is the island of Koh Lipe - a glorious little paradise snuggled down by the countries south western corridor, close to the border with Malaysia.


With the postponed Olympics set to go ahead in a subdued manner in Tokyo this July/August, we predict big things for this top East Asian destination later this year.

When you picture Japan, what do you see? For us, our minds tend to jump to city lights and falling cherry blossom petals… But now, we want you to think of a different Japan entirely!

Japanese winter is when the country can be found covered in a soft blanket of snow as countless, unique activities unfold everywhere! Take the Sapporo Snow Festival, for instance, where you can tour some of the largest and most alluring snow sculptures. There’s also the onsens, still providing naturally hot water despite being surrounded by the frozen ground. And who could forget the dazzling winter illuminations running throughout the gay scene of Shinjuku in Tokyo? Another must-not-miss winter gay gem in Japan is the large "Nude" party in Osaka in early January - a spectacle of fabulous fun we absolutely loved! Osaka is itself a great base for a Japanese gaycation from where you can also easily reach Kyoto and Hiroshima.

Suppose you want to dip your toes into a little bit of everything Japanese winter has to provide. In that case, we highly recommend participating in Gay Ski Week Hakuba. Sure, the focus of the event will be placed on skiing. Alternatively, all guests are offered additional excursions, such as a tour of Nagano, where snow monkeys can be found bathing in the hot springs.

Winter in Japan is most comparable to a great cup of tea. The flavor is not too strong, and the temperature is balanced. Everything feels just right.


Europe may be closed for business now, but we predict things to open up towards the latter half of this year as the vaccination programme vamps up a few gears across the EU.

The city of romance should never sleep, especially when Christmas and New Years’ festivities are fast approaching. Just imagine the Eiffel Tower, alight with twinkling bulbs, snow falling gently about your side… Does that not sound like pure bliss? Now, picture yourself strolling the streets of Nice. You stumble upon the Flower Parade, and suddenly, colorful blooms are showering upon you... Does the idea not fill you with glee?

And for those seeking more action-packed amusements, you won’t want to miss European Snow Pride or European Gay Ski Week. Each event runs for one week in the snowy wintery months and allows us queer folks with any budget and skill level to partake in endless, snowy fun up high on the mountaintops.

Just don’t miss out on the discounted rates that come with the French off-season. Appreciate a quiet break, either by yourself or with your closest loved one.


Another one for a post-Covid dream later this year, which we’re hoping will be sooner rather than later. If like us you’re looking to plan next year’s winter, Brazilian winters actually are astonishingly warm. You would be missing out if you did not take your time strolling along either the Copacabana beach or the Ipanema beach. But truthfully… We believe it would be a waste of an entire trip if you didn’t spend the majority of your time in nature! Rio de Janeiro is our absolute favorite location, thanks to the breathtaking hike to see the historic Christ the Redeemer statue and the Botanical Gardens that house 6,500 different plant species.

Plus, we can’t talk about winter in Brazil without also mentioning Rio’s famous Carnival. Sometime between February and March 2022, the internationally renowned festival makes itself known with bright, flashy performances. The floats can be as mind-boggling as they are beautiful… And honestly, the same could probably be said of the outfits worn by attendees.

Even when enduring what most consider to be a gloomy season, Brazil always sports its loud colors and characters, which is precisely why it makes for the perfect gaycation!

Whilst Brazil may be closed for business for now (and for quite a large chunk of this year), the minute it starts to open up in a safe post-Covid world, we think they’ll be a flurry of people booking to go...we want to make sure we’re right at the front of that big long queue!

For more inspiration check out the Nomadic Boys' guide to some of the best gay destinations in the USA.

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