Top 5 Things To Do In Provincetown When It Rains

Provincetown, Massachusetts

You may have been to P-town before or at least read something about the magical gay vacation destination on Cape Cod. It is a sunny paradise throughout the summer filled with pool parties, speedos, and walks along the beach. BUT, Mother Nature sometimes is in a bad mood and may occasionally sprinkle the gays with a little rain. Have no fear! There are still tons of fun things to do in Provincetown when this happens.

1. See A Show

One of the best things about Provincetown is the theatre scene, which is a big part of the history of the town. There are new shows coming in every week at places like The Crown & Anchor, Post Office, and Provincetown Theater. Plus, there are summer-long acts that have been a part of the P-town tradition for years. If you have never seen Miss Richfield 1981, you are missing out, as she has come from her trailer in Minnesota (where butter is a spice and gravy is a beverage) for over a dozen years.

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2. Climb the Pilgrim's Monument

The Pilgrim's Monument at the end of Cap Cod Massachusetts.

The Pilgrim's Monument

Photo by Ruth H Curtis on Unsplash

Put your cocktail down and take a little history break to learn about why that tall building stands in the middle of town. That monument commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrim's first landing in the new world in 1620 before sailing onto Plymouth. You can climb up the 252-foot monument in about ten minutes and be rewarded with a fantastic view of the city.

3. Have a Martini at The Red Inn

Fishing boats at Provincetown harbor in Cape Cod.

The Red Inn at Provincetown Harbor

Photo by Yuval Zukerman on Unsplash

Set overlooking the Provincetown harbor, The Red Inn is one of the best spots in town to enjoy a quiet cocktail with gorgeous views. The lounge air is comfortable with a fire in the fireplace on colder nights. The food is also phenomenal with fresh seafood and world-famous oysters. Have one too many martinis, grab a room in one of the super cute rooms upstairs.

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4. Check Out the Art Scene

There are a ton of great art galleries in Provincetown offering every style throughout the town. One favorite is the Trevor Mikula Gallery which has a whimsical and colorful collection sure to bring a smile to your face. The gallery scene is a big part of what gives Ptown its sense of community and should not be missed.

5. Shop!

Ptown is home to some amazing boutiques and shopping you won't find anywhere else. Places that are worth a visit (and a swipe of the credit card) and offer handcrafted selections of clothing and accessories. There are only a few national chains in Provincetown but tons of places to find the perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself).

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