Gaycation Travel Show host spills the tea on Tulsa

Tulsa is the next stop for our intrepid travel vlogger Ravi Roth in The Gaycation Travel Show. If you have been watching our weekly YouTube series then you’re familiar with Ravi and his adventures.

This week Ravi goes solo and explores the Midwest; Tulsa, Oklahoma specifically.

If you have any judgment about traveling to a “flyover country” as it’s affectionately called, then read on. You might be surprised at how culturally underrated and LGBTQ-friendly this region of the U.S. actually is.

Gaycation Magazine: Hi Ravi, how are you? Were you excited to visit Tulsa?

Ravi Roth: I am doing fantastic!

I was excited to travel somewhere as I have been cooped up because of the pandemic. Tulsa was never on my bucket list, but I was excited to learn about a smaller city in the Midwest.

Ravi Roth: What is one misconception about Tulsa that you think most people might have?

People assume Tulsa is a drive-by city. I implore folks to take time and really sink their teeth into what this city has to offer. It is the smallest US city to host all 3 major fine arts with Tulsa Ballet, opera, and Symphony Orchestra. It has one of the largest collections of Art Deco in the USA. The museums are constantly evolving for change and the local LGBTQ+ community radiates Midwest charm.

What kind of food can you expect to have when you visit Tulsa?

As a vegetarian, I was blown away by the culinary scene of Tulsa. As farm-to-table originated in the Midwest, this city does not play when it comes to food. From high-end dining to vegan brunch to delicious Mexican, you will not be disappointed! My favorite restaurant is Farm Bar which is Lesbian-owned and has a tasting menu that they pair with wine.

How should you dress when visiting Tulsa?

Interesting question!

Day one, I rocked a tank top and shorts. Later that night, a tornado hit down 20 miles away and I got drenched. The next day, I wore pants and a light jacket. My final day I was back in shorts and a tank top. The weather is quite unpredictable so bring options.

What are the COVID safety rules in place there?

Tulsa was amongst the top cities in the USA to get the most amount of vaccines in arms. Like any destination, it follows local guidelines.

What is the best time of year to visit?

Summer or fall is great to be able to do the most amount of activities, but Tulsa really is a year-round destination.

What’s Pride like?

Small but mighty! Pride this year is June 25-26 with a heavy focus on uniting communities. This year’s theme is “Pride on the Mother Road” which is a tribute to Route 66.

Is there a Gayborhood?

No gayborhood. There are two queer bars which are Tulsa Eagle and Club Majestic, but I felt so comfortable to be my authentic self anywhere in the city. I highly recommend staying at Tulsa Club, which is a Hilton Curio Collection located a few blocks from Club Majestic and a mile from The Eagle. Tulsa Club is filled with Art Deco and is a fabulous place to stay.

What is the closest airport?

Tulsa International Airport.

What’s one activity that maybe no one knows about that a visitor should definitely do?

If you are traveling with your family or want to let your inner child out, visit the Gathering Place which was named best city park in the USA by Time Magazine and USA Today. For folks interested in architecture, I highly recommend going on an Art Deco tour of Downtown. It is absolutely breathtaking!

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