Too much time on your hands? Colby feels you

Hello, fellow quarantine sisters, how are we all doing?

Except for those stupid kids that are running around on spring break and endangering us because they’re selfish, most of us are responsibly locked away, working from home.

It’s not too bad, sure, but little to no interaction with the rest of the human race sure can be a downer. So, in the meantime, I’ve compiled a little list of all the things that I’ve been doing during COVID-19 to keep me occupied so that maybe they’ll make you all a little less bored, hopefully. I literally haven’t left my house in five days (my car’s registration expiring and being wildly expensive to renew might also be a small part of that, but that’s irrelevant right now), so I’ve run through just about everything there is to do. Let’s take a look at our options.

First of all, be productive. Get that assignment done, get that report filed.

With all of your extra time, it can be really easy to do everything besides work, but we are no slouches here! Get your work done while you have the time, then you can waste away for the rest of your day.

Alright, work’s done, but what now? Cleaning.

Get in the mood to tidy things up — throw on a video, podcast, or some music that you like to listen to, and get to it. It is so therapeutic to clean out your living space, especially if it’s turned into an impromptu home office. Working in a clean space is going to boost your productivity, making the above task a little bit easier to get done. Alright, we’re all clean, what’s next?

Going to the gym is a hard no right now, but going for a run around the neighborhood is a great alternative to help stay in shape. There are also plenty of home exercise methods that you can use, and there are some great YouTube videos to help in that department. If you’re a gamer, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun little game that I use to burn around 400 calories in an hour. Just because you’re stuck in the house doesn’t mean you can’t be active!

Alright, we’ve worked, cleaned, and exercised, you’ve earned a break. Treat yourself! Watch some TV, play some video games, draw a bath! You’ve worked hard, and you can settle in now and enjoy yourself.

Oh, it's only 7 p.m. and you’ve been enjoying yourself for four hours?

Well, haha, there’s still plenty to do! Of course… uh… like… you know… Facetiming your friends — yeah. Check-in, see what they’re up to. Gotta keep communication open in a time like this, ya know?

So now we’re done with that, uh … well… did you already eat dinner? Is it maybe time for a second dinner? You got a lot done today, an entire extra meal can’t be that bad for you, right?

Hmm, still nothing to do, huh?

Maybe get started on tomorrow’s work so you can get to the relaxation part of your day even earlier tomorrow? That’s a sound idea — do that.

Look, I know. Being at home all day, it’s boring. I personally am engaged in an iMessage games Olympics with my friend right now where we play through every single game on that app (I’m winning), it’s rough out there. But, look on the bright side, you’re at home with your family (or roommates, or… alone… nevermind) and you don’t have the Coronavirus, things could easily be worse, right? While you might get a little bored here and there, revel in it.

Pretty soon you’re going to be back on that daily grind, wishing that you had the opportunity to be bored again.

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