The world is weird

By Colby Tortorici

Well, we’re almost there, huh? Maybe? Kind of? Who knows at this point.

We’re so close to being done with COVID-19 that it hurts, but also at the same time literally do not go outside because we are not at all done with it at all wow red alert. It’s weird. 

The country is slowly opening up, small businesses need to be supported because they’re dropping like flies, yet at the same time we’re nowhere near where we need to be in combating COVID. Then factor in that literally everyone in the country right now is protesting … something and we’re put in a difficult position. What is one to do?

COVID-19 has, predictably, become an issue with a massive political divide that is splitting people down the middle, with both sides having some pretty fair points. Shocking, it’s almost like that’s what’s happened with literally every topic that has existed in the past four years. On the one side, there’s simply no guarantee that going out is safe yet, as U.S. cases of are still going up every day. Testing also still isn’t readily available. On the other side of it, however, is the fact that businesses need support, as they’re closing quickly, especially small businesses that are the most vulnerable.

Despite the millions of people that are currently unemployed in the country, it’s imperative that we try to keep our economy at least somewhat alive, as it is barely dragging itself along by right now. While it’s clear that things won’t ever be the same when we’re fully past all of this (even the biggest movie theater chains are on the brink of permanent closure), supporting local businesses when you can is incredibly important. On a personal note, my favorite restaurant of all time, Fajitas: A Sizzlin’ Celebration, which had been open for more than 30 years, is now permanently closed. Talk about a sizzlin’ disappointment. That was going to be my graduation dinner.

Besides that, literally half of the people that I know have resorted to shaving their heads due to not being able to get a haircut during the quarantine. Considering the fact that I look like Caillou when I have no hair is the only thing that’s kept me from doing the same myself, but the point very much so still stands.

What are we actually supposed to do here? COVID has left the country and every single of us in completely unwinnable conditions. People are unemployed and can’t pay their bills, we’re being urged to go out and start putting our money (that some of us just don’t have) into the economy despite the obvious health concerns that go along with that, and every single one of us literally has too much hair or none at all. No one is in a winning position here. There just isn’t a solution that solves everyones’ problems.

Well, try where you can. Order in from your local restaurants if you can afford to. Try to support where you can if you have the money, but also know that what comes first is your health, always. Don’t help unless you’re able to help yourself first.

We’re almost out of this mess. It doesn’t seem like it, but we’ve been dealing with it for months, we can go a little bit longer. Who remembers the beginning of the year? How we all collectively thought that 2020 was going to be our year? How fun was that? Well, that’s 100% out of literally every window imaginable, so my bets are now placed firmly on 2023, but stay positive friends. We will get through this.

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