The Music Industry's Evolution to a COVID-19 World

The music industry has been one of the heavily affected industries by COVID-19, but it seems to doing better than many of the other sectors that have been widely impacted. The main, and significant impacts on music stems from the fact that social gatherings are no longer the norm, which means that parties and clubbing are no longer taking place. Stay at home policies have also impacted musicians, canceling shows and leaving many of them no other option but to do live performances from their homes.

The evolution of the music industry is why both consumers and musicians have been able to adapt to the coronavirus changes. Even though it's almost impossible for musicians and their producers to earn a steady flow of income through traditional channels during the current crisis, the industry's evolution still allows consumers access to the music while opening channels through which the musicians can maintain steady communication with them.

Online Music Streaming

Musicians now rely on streaming their performances to earn some money, something that many have had to get used to. On the other hand, those consumers who have enjoyed live music have had adapt to a streaming-only world for entertainment.

A subset of music fans, devoted to live music before the pandemic, has had to shift their experience to streaming platforms. But this has also allowed them a more intimate experience of their music icons. For instance, as many musicians have also had to adapt to producing their own instrumentals, being able to watch this transition has itself been entertaining in some cases.

This change has been more difficult for people who didn't have a strong online presence, especially for instrumental musicians, such as those playing the piano, and musicians who had largely ignored streaming platforms before the pandemic.

Artist collaborations

Collaborations between artists have been affected, with most of them also taking a new form of display, despite the social distancing policies and stay at home rues. Musicians are still finding ways to make music together, thanks to technology.

Collaborations have increased during this period, given the need to sensitize the public and give them hope. Artists are also collaborating to help raise funds to fight the pandemic, and all this is done on online platforms.

One of the most used platforms for collaborations has been online radio platforms since the pandemic started. This shows that partnerships are just between musicians but also with owners of those platforms.

Social media

Initially, people used social media to distract from the stressful nature of their daily lives. Still, now social media has become an essential part of people's lives, especially when it comes to consuming music.

All social media platforms have had an increase in the number of users, especially those downloading audio and video files from them. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and one of the latest sensations TikTok have all have users consuming music and video in equal number.

On some level, coronavirus has allowed artists to connect with their fans on a more intimate basis. Unlike before, when they could record the music and distribute them later, now they are forced to use streaming services, which allows fans to connect to them better.

The demand for music is still here, and that shows that live streaming will always be part of the music industry until the pandemic ends.

Different demographics are using the music consumption methods with most of the younger demographics using the new platforms like TikTok and the older demographic turning to some of the methods that have been around longer, like online radios- and Facebook live streaming.

Music remains one of the best ways of expression, and now that people can't socialize like they used to, music is one of the only "ways out" of isolation. This leaves no choice but to expect for new innovative ways to be used in getting music to the public. New applications that support streaming continue to appear, but even the ones already existing have allowed for great opportunities.

Even though its hard to predict what the future holds right now, it seems like music live streaming will continue to be here even after the pandemic is over. Modes of music consumption are also likely to keep evolving to bring artists and fans closer.

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