The Importance of Insurance for LGBTQ Couples

Many countries in the world consider LGBT relationships non-traditional, so with that in mind, we have some different uses for insurance. In most cases, people choose to invest in insurance (usually life insurance) because they have a mortgage, children and other people who depend on them or want to engage in some estate planning. Even if these things don’t apply to you and your same-sex partner, you still might want to consider to go shopping for insurance to ensure you reach your financial goals in the future. Being smart about insurance offers protection and benefits throughout your life and after you die. Here are just some of the reasons LGBTQ+ couples need to consider insurance. 

Lowers your contribution to Roth IRA

Are you already contributing the maximum amount to you Roth IRA? If you use it as your only retirement investment account, the current limit you have might make it complicated to save enough money for a comfortable retirement. But, services like Cash Value Life Insurance might help your retirement income strategy and provide you with more tax-free income in the future. Another service you may want to look into is the “Rich People Roth” without income or contribution limits. Thanks to your tax-free income, you can save more money on taxes when taking from your pension or 401(k). This type of IRA can be very beneficial for LGBT couples if structured properly. 

Helps with retirement

One of the reasons why you should invest in life insurance is the fact that you don’t have contribution limits. But, you still can get tax-free growth and distribution benefits if you handle everything correctly. This means you can put aside a larger sum of money and help your wallet catch up with your plan for a comfortable retirement even if you’re not married to your partner. 

Protects you even before your death

In most cases, life insurance offers protection for someone else, like your kids or spouse. But modern polices have other benefits you can use during your lifetime. Some of them offer benefits for terminal illness, chronic illness, disability, long-term illness and others. Due to unequal access to health insurance for same-sex couples, any sort of help will come in handy. In case you run into any of these issues, your private insurance would kick in and provide your partnership with great financial help. 

Allows you to enjoy greater financial security

No matter how your household stands today when it comes to money, who knows what kind of events can befall you in the future and cause everything to unravel quickly. Insurance will help you get a payout in case something happens so that your partner doesn’t have to carry the entire financial responsibility. Let’s say you got into a car crash, but have good car insurance. As you can see here, different types of car insurance protect you from various accidents on the road, so you can be safe no matter what happens. This allows you and your partner to move forward after the accident instead of getting stuck in debt.  

Benefits those living with HIV

Today, it’s possible to find life insurance for individuals living with HIV, which is great news for everyone, especially vulnerable groups like LGBTQ+ folks. Insurance companies are more liberal than ever before with their life insurance, so they are treating HIV with an ongoing illness. To many, this doesn’t sound like anything special, but it’s important to know that in the past it was impossible for people living with HIV to get life insurance. It’s a great step forward towards removing the stigma surrounding this disease and the lifestyle it often includes. 

Reduces stress 

Even if you’re living with your long-term partner without kids and shared property right now, you don’t know how your life can change in the future. Illness, injury and even death can leave your loved ones with great emotional stress and grief. While insurance won’t cure sadness, it will reduce your family’s financial stress so you can focus on your health and recovery.  

LGBTQ+ couples have the same needs as all other couples and that involves the need to feel save and protected. Insurance, no matter what kind, can help you and your partner get over any bump you come across on the road.


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