The good, the tragic and the bad

It has been said that news, by nature, is something that someone somewhere doesn't want you to know and everything else is advertising. With that in mind, we are proud to be your GLBT community newspaper, delivering you all the news you need to know, even when it is perceived as "bad news."

We are often criticized for reporting news in the GLBT community that can, by some, be perceived as negative. Such was the case when we reported recently that the president of Nashville Pride had resigned. Several people commented about the story on our Web site expressing polar views about the article. Some praised our diligent effort to get the news out, others shamed us for poor timing and one even accused us of trying to drum up drama within the community. 

This editorial serves as our reminder to our readers that we’re here to report on Tennessee’s GLBT community – the good, the tragic and the bad. Our staff of professional journalists have a duty to serve as a watchdog in the community.

We cover the good – in this issue you’ll find plenty of examples of that including the front page feature on Bud East and his new restaurant venture. We cover the tragic – like in last month’s issue where we wrote about Neal Anthony and the tragedy he’s faced in Warren County. And we cover the bad news – like the news that OutLoud Bookstore is for sale and could close.

We realize that what we write is important to you. We take our responsibility seriously and work hard to cover all angles of a story.

Locally, we have a responsibility to be a watchdog of the many non-profit groups that ask for your hard earned dollar. It’s a difficult task. Across Tennessee there are multiple non-profit groups that are all vying for donations to support many GLBT causes. We look to make sure the non-profits are fulfilling their mission, spending the dollars you donate in a wise manner and that they let you know how they are doing.

Non-profits are required by federal law to make their income and expense records open to public viewing. During the next several months we’ll review several non-profits and let you decide if they are spending your money wisely.

We also urge our readers to get involved in the community. Don’t leave it solely up to O&AN to hold your community leaders responsible. Attend meetings, talk to community leaders and let your voice be heard. We offer this reminder in an effort to hold ourselves accountable to our readership and to hold our leaders accountable to us all. The facts may not always be pretty, but they still beg to be reported. We are here to serve you and we are watching.

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