The Apprentice Company shines in annual showcase

The Actors Co-op in Knoxville is proud to open the Black Box Theatre to their Apprentice Company for the annual Apprentice Company Showcase.  From May 11 to May 18, the apprentice company, with selected guests, will introduce audiences to the whimsical world of Indian folklore with the production of Tale of Jumping Mouse.  Jumping Mouse will take children on a magical ride thru the American heartlands of the prairie, the mountains, the rivers, and the lakes as they travel with Jumping Mouse on her journey of adventure. 

Have you ever longed for adventure?  Jumping Mouse has and she is bound and determined to find it.  As she travels the world of America she finds that friendship and obstacles are a part of life, yet in the end she learns that generosity is the truest form of friendship.  Children of all ages will delight in watching Jumping Mouse's journey. This forty-five minute show will not only lead one on a magical journey it will teach children of all
ages the true meaning of friendship.

UTK professor, Casey Sams, adapted Tale of Jumping Mouse from a Native American Folk tale for The Virginia Stage Company in 2003.  The Apprentice Company was thrilled to work with such an original script.  It gave them plenty of room to be creative as they pieced together their final project at the Actors Co-op. The Apprentice Company is made up of an elite group of high school girls who attend Bearden, West, and Central.  All members went thru an audition process last May before they were selected for the company.  Throughout the year they attend theatrically based workshops, act in at least one production, work backstage on one show, and finalize their year by designing, directing, acting, and producing their own show.  The Actors’ Co-op teaches the apprentices all aspects of theater through hands on experience.  It gives the apprentices real life skills in teamwork, problem solving, and taking initiative.
The Apprentice showcase is a presentation of the skills that the Apprentices have acquired while working with the Actors Co-op.  They promise your performance to be a fun, lively, and entertaining night of theater. Besides the help of their assigned mentors, the apprentices have worked on this project by themselves and the final result is their own production.  Tale of Jumping Mouse is produced by Caroline Blasius and directed by Jen Fox and Lizzie Wouters, all of whom are seniors at Bearden High School.  With the help of their mentors, Lexington’s Children Theatre, and other community members they have created a project that they are sure everyone will enjoy and one that they are proud to call their final project for the Actors Co-op. 

Opening Night for Tale of Jumping Mouse is Friday May 11, which will be followed by an opening night party of milk and cookies at the theatre. 

Shows are Friday and Saturday night at 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 p.m.  Shows dates are as follows, May 11-13, and May 19-20. Tale of Jumping Mouse closes on Sunday, May 20, at 2:00 p.m.  Tickets for Tale of Jumping Mouse are $5.  Seating is open, however it is limited.

Tickets are currently on sale through KnoxTIX.  Call KnoxTIX at 865-523-7521 or visit them at For any other questions regarding the show, for group reservations, or for general questions about the Co-op please call the Actors Co-op at 865-909-9300. 

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