Spoil your pets: gifts and goodies for the animal companions in your life

By Timothy Rawles, August 2020 Issue.

One great thing about shopping for animals is that you never have to ask, “What do you get a pet that has everything?” That’s because they usually don’t. I’ve found limitless gift ideas online for fur babies and I have chosen some of them below for Echo’s pet issue. From practical to fun to unique, this guide will ensure you never run out of ideas and your pet will appreciate the arrival of the mailman even more.  

Fur Ever Linked

If you’re like me and rely on your pet for emotional support in whatever capacity, Furever Linked jewelry allows you to be close to them even if they can’t be with you. Their Worry Stone design evokes a feeling of comfort and relaxation. They make great gifts for animal lovers, or for those who have lost and want to memorialize their treasured pet. $50-$125

Pet Trackers DynoIQ

There’s nothing like feeling anxiety over a lost pet. Fortunately, there’s peace-of-mind with the web-based tracker pet tag from Dynotag. This device is a web/location enabled Smart Tag that allows others to access your info by visiting a unique web address. $7-$16.95.

Cactus Pet Bed

If you live in the desert, there’s no shortage of cacti on the landscape. Why not bring that beauty safely to your cat with the popular Vetreska Oasis Cactus Cat Bed? Not only is it a comfortable place for your cat to call home, the design is whimsical enough to be fashionably decorative. $39.99.

Dog First Aid Kit

It’s common sense to have a first aid kit in your house for your human family so why not do the same for your pets? The Kurgo Dog first aid kit is loaded with everything you need to keep your fur babies prepared for any emergency whether it be indoors or out. $29.99.

West Paw Rowdies with HardyTex Fur

Ever wonder what a good, long-lasting dog toy would look like? Then meet West Paw’s HardyTex line. These fur lined cuties are perfect for tug, shake, toss, roughhouse and play. Plus, they are guaranteed to last. Colorful and fun, these toys are going to be your dog’s best friend! $18.95-$29.95.

Frenchie Cooling Bandana

Summer is here and so are the high temperatures. Unless you have an entire indoor dog park you’re going to have to go outside — your fur baby has to do their “thing.” Thankfully there’s relief with the Frenchie Cooling Bandana which keeps them comfortable while they take care of business. $9.99.

Shires Equine Scratcher

Your equine family members need love, too, and with this scratcher they are going to be able to get at those hard-to-reach itches without harming themselves or property. No need to ask, “Why the long face?” anymore. $38.99.

Wooly Snuffle Mat

Did you think that the only way to feed your furry speed-eater was to buy a special bowl? Try the Wooly Snuffle Mat instead. This innovative way of handling a dog who scarfs down their meals has gotten great reviews and helps prevent possible health issues related to eating fast. $39.99.

Squawk Box Monthly subscription for birds

Unless you live near a pet store that specializes in birds, finding gifts and other things for your winged family members can be tough. The trusted bird-lovers at the subscription service Squawk Box do the shopping for you and it couldn’t be easier or affordable. $24.95/mo-$60/mo.

PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Pet Steps

Aging pets are a reality even though it’s sad to think about. If you notice they are having trouble hopping up on the bed during bedtime the CozyUp pet steps are a great and functional piece of furniture for senior pets.  $64.95

Catastrophic Creations

The beauty of these designs has to be seen to believed. Cat trees and other tiered feline play spots are fun, but these wall-secured designs take playtime to the next level, literally. Hand-crafted and guaranteed, these unique creations are going to make your cat the envy of the neighborhood. $32 and up.

Cat Scratch Turntable

Bring the nightclub vibe home with this really fun cat toy that looks like a DJ deck. Made from cardboard this realistic looking device from Suck UK allows your feline friend to appear to drop some major beats while keeping your furniture safe. It’s the ultimate request. $35.

Pup Socks

Recently I noticed that printed socks are a fun fashion trend. I’ve seen sharks, pineapples and even Einstein printed on them. Why not make a pair that is completely unique and personalize them with your pet’s face? Pup Socks offers such an option starting at just $24.95.

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