Looking for some new, really new music? 26-year-old Nashville-based alt-pop musician, corook has released her debut single “sims” alongside a fun and quirky video. One of her earliest and gayest memories was playing sims.


corook wrote “sims” about her experience navigating the fast-paced LA lifestyle while first finding her footing in the music industry.

“I use a lot of coping mechanisms as distractions,” says corook. “In college, I had so much homework, but I would play Sims for five hours to avoid all of it. At the time, I was using all of the anxiety to distract myself from feeling good, happy, and excited. The concept of the song is how you wish you could control time, age, emotions, and outfits. For as personal as it is, it’s as humorous as possible.”

corook | Photo: Libby Danforth

corook aka Corinne Savage (yes that’s her real last name) is a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and a self-described "huge fuckin dork." No but seriously. She can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute (depending on how she’s feeling that day.) This "freckled chubby babe" was born and raised just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she grew up listening to Drake, Gwen Stefani and Mac Miller (RIP.)

She went to a performing arts high school (yes, just like Victorious) where she came out as QUEERAF her senior year. She then went to Berklee College of Music (wow – Owen Wilson voice) and graduated with two degrees.

Corinne currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee (howdy.) She spends most of her time writing and producing music for her artist project “Corook” (boop!) locked away in her room, alone (she blames it on Coronavirus but she’s actually just anti-social.)

With more new music on the way, “sims” is just the very beginning for corook.

Follow her on Instagram here. Get her music here.

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