In this episode of Here & Queer, Vidalia Anne Gentry kikis with reality tv star and founder of the gender embracing beauty line, BatMe! Cosmetics, Jayla Roxx!

Some previews:

Jayla Roxx at around 6:35: "The name BatMe! obviously comes from you feeling good in your lashes... I wanted it to be goofy. And I wanted to ... take that money that I had and make a difference... And then after a while, people started to message me and say, like, 'Girl, your lashes changed my life.' And I was like, 'Girl, they just lashes, whatever,' you know? But then it took me like a couple of  days to process—I'm actually making somebody feel good. And when you feel good, you do good. And when you do good, you start to make more money, and then it starts to become this whole thing. And it all goes back to the lashes. So I was like, there's power in those lashes. And that's power and creativity. So I was like, Okay, I'm onto something here. How can I showcase creativity in a way and use that platform ... so BatMe! Cosmetics got expanded to doing more colors and more palettes and highlighters. We've had these come and go, you know, because I know that the Queen's are ever evolving. So I had to evolve with it. So I don't want to just be like, here you go. This is all I have. I'm always gonna have to try to find something new. We're trying to find something creative to do. Because y'all do. Yeah, if you don't evolve with your clientele, that can be the death of your brand."

Jayla Roxx at around 26:00: "So we need more shows like Pose, we need more characters, we need more people outside of the world of Pose. There's there's so much more than just ballroom, especially within the black trans community. You know, there's entrepreneurs everywhere, there's political workers, there's people doing prison reform that we should know about. So me providing this platform, we get to learn about those things through documentaries and things that we can share amongst our friends and family. So here we go."




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