In this episode of Out & About After Dark, we talked to Christian Matthews and Jackson Ford. Both are sex workers and adult entertainers.  Christian has been around the gay porn scene for quite a  while. While Jackson is a relative newcomer, primarily performing on fan sites. We will talk to this interesting couple about how they develop their relationship in the midst of all the industry stresses and demands and how they've dealt with the common issues and problems since becoming a couple much of it during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation is a refreshingly clear-eyed and candid look inside the romantic lives of a couple in the industry.

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Beginning around 32:17:
James: One thing that I that I've wondered about, and I haven't really asked anybody, so you guys are going to be my first to ask this question: How do you deal with people who are wanting to do something for the first time? Like, how do you negotiate that possibility that they might not be as into it as they thought
they were? I'm especially thinking about things like fisting? You know, people
might have the idea, but not have the experience.

Christian Matthews & Jackson Ford: One finger at a time! It's funny that you
kind of asked that specifically because he and I shared a client, where, you know, as we were corresponding via messages beforehand, this guy really wanted to like kind of push limits. And then once that happened to both of us are in the bedroom with him. I mean, it was ... he was very timid. Just, it didn't go there, obviously. And it wasn't that he was intimidated by us. But they have this ... a lot of clients have this fantasy that they kind of want to experience and then when it comes down to actually doing it, they're just ... They're not ready yet.

And it's like, okay! That's fine. We can engage in other things. Like, So yeah, I
mean, that just kind of happened, where it's like, okay, we're not doing this today!

I didn't want to say I take what their requests with a grain of salt. But I mean, like, we're gay men... Certain things are going to turn us on. The more we talk, the more turned on we're going to get, right. Oh, yeah, I want to do this. I
want to do that. And I'm so horny, and I can't wait to experience this. And I usually take what they're saying and cut in half. And that's what they're
going to want to do.

And I always tell people, if it's a first timer—you know, especially with the
straight guys, if they're with a gay guy for the first time—I don't have any restrictions. We can do as much as you want, as little as you want. If you want to sit here and just talk we can! If you want to fuck, if you want to go to the n-th extreme we can! I care more about them having a good time.

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