RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE recap: "The DESPY Awards"

This week started on the tails of the most horrific elimination since Ben Del Creme! Trixie Mattel, the elimination heard round the world. Pearl said she thought she'd be so sickening the judges would be obsessed with her. This season of Drag Race is proving to be unlike any before it. 

This weeks mini challenge was to recreate classic celebrity red carpet looks using only paper. The queens worked in pairs based on how they lined up. Violet's epic bitch face when she was told she had been teamed with Miss Fame was just beautiful. Violet always has this look on face that seems to say "The world is ending and I can't be bothered." 

"Frock, Paper, Scissors" was an hysterical mini challenge! Ginger Minj as Lil Kim was too funny but Team Pearl and Max with their paper version of Cher's infamous Bob Mackie Oscar dress shut it down! I was so impressed with their skill level, talent and attention to detail, but I digress. Katya as Bjork and Kasha Davis as Joan Rivers won the mini challenge, which I hated but whatever. 

This weeks Maxi challenge was The DESPY Awards! The ladies had to be both presenters and nominees. They had to come up with categories and witty co-host banter. They also had to have an acceptance speech if they won. Hearing the queens talk about how difficult this challenge was, I thought "Yeah, tell me about it!" No one really understands the difficulty if you're good enough to make it look easy and natural. 

The categories where Sexy, Sexy Drag Queen, Most Busted Queen, The Shadiest Queen, and Meatiest Tuck. Kathy Griffin came in to help the girls punch up their jokes. Violet and Fame were worried when they sat down to write because neither of them are comedy queens. Jaidynn and Kennedy as a team were fun to watch. Everything those two say is gold, I swear. When Ru came to the work room to check on the girls, in a convo with Pearl and Max she commented on Max having a big personality and Pearl... not so much. This lead to what I'm calling Max's Sally Field second Oscar moment, because I'll be quoting it forever: "I. feel. very. uncomfortable. right. now."  It was a very tense moment as Ru pointed out to Pearl that she was not living up to her potential. Pearl needed a minute alone, and looked like she wasn't going to come back. Max was really feeling the pressure as Kathy Griffin ripped their jokes apart and changed the opening they had struggled to get together. 

Miss Fame's chicken obsession is the most adorable thing to come out of the mirror banter this week. I could watch it on a loop. She's too cute! 

RuPaul's dress looked like a an Oscar statue, always in line with the theme and we love her!

The DESPY Awards started and Katya and Kasha Davis well... just fell flat quite honestly. Jaidynn and Kennedy were out to present the first award Sexy Sexy Drag Queen, "Ain't Max the queen from that movie Powder?" had me howling with laughter! Miss Fame won the faux-ward, which was good because the dollar store brand joke had her looking like she was gonna cut a queen. Her speech was quick witted, punchy as hell and set the bar high! Not to mention her short sleeve turtle neck gown with opera gloves was gag worthy!

The next award, Most Busted Drag Queen, was presented by Pearl and Max. It was time to see if the pressure had cracked them. There material and delivery was flawless. You'd have never known what a difficult day it had been. Next to Fame, Jaidynn's speech was just aiight. Ginger and Kandy presented Shadiest queen. Violet won and her speech, like Fame's, was quick witted and punchy. For two non comedy queens they really worked it. They presented Meatiest Tuck and Katya won. Her speech was forgettable which shocked me because she's normally very funny. 

Judges critiques were next: Max and Pearl won the challenge, which was great to see! Kennedy and Jaidynn were safe, then the judges went in starting with Kasha Davis and saying her performance opening the awards show was lackluster. I am inclined to agree as she was upstaged by everyone else, when you're hosting that's no bueno. The judges pointed out that Ginger overshadowed Kandy, making me smile inside because I want her eliminated. 

When it came to elimination the bottom two were Kasha Davis and Kandy Ho. I had a total moment with this week's song. Anytime I've had a crush, it's been my jam! Teena Marie's "Lovergirl" (btw ladies I'm single sooooo) Kandy worked it out and owned the performance.

Kasha Davis went home to chilled boxed wine and bitterness. 





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