RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE recap: "Ru Hollywood Stories"

Kandy Ho opens the show with her age-ism BS about sending Kasha Davis home. Which makes the poetic justice of her being sent home by a younger queen at the end of the episode just amazing! I can't go any further without giving major props to Jaidynn for representing Nashville and PLAY dance bar SO well! But I digress.

The girls are talking about who they'd sleep with and Max the prude who's suddenly decided he's from London, WI just can't handle all this crass talk. Am I the only one who's over his holier than thou bit? I don't think the fact that he's randomly started using a British accent has escaped unnoticed. Yeah, okay Guy Richie era Madonna, whatever.

Ru pops in with the mini challenge for the week: "Monster in your pants." It's a luck of the draw game where you pick random pit crew members and they pull numbers out of their Justin Case underwear. If they pull a monster out you lose. Very cute shameless plug type of thing we've all come to know and love on Drag Race.

This weeks maxi challenge was "What Ever Happened to Merle Ginsberg: The RuHollywood Story." I don't know why we need a theatrical reenactment of why someone who blends into the background is no longer a judge, but whatever. The girls were placed into teams of three and they reenacted the story from three sides: Meryl's, Ru's and Michelle's. The challenge was just kind of boring and awkward. It really didn't make sense because nobody cares where Meryl went.

Ginger won the mini challenge and got to assign teams. I was little shocked she threw no shade in team assigning. Miss Fame ended up on a team with Pearl again and she had a whole moment of being an emotional wreck ... for an entire episode. She talked about her feelings more than I did the entire time I was in rehab! Girl, calm down Beyonce. It's not that crucial. Meanwhile Max was trying to be the Meryl Streep of drag, Violet was confused by the concept of holding a cake and a drink, and of course playing a comedy role Ginger knocked it out of the park.

The runway this week was "Death Becomes Her." In the dressing room, Jaidynn shared her story about her family not really knowing she's gay and spoke about her fear of being disowned. There was not a dry eye in the room amongst me and my friends. She was so poignant. I volunteer to adopt Jaidynn ! My crazy Persian family would love her and all her singlets!

Coming down the runway, I'll just say it, Violet killed it! The 18-inch waist and oxygen mask was just everything. She was dying but we were all LIVING for her look! Katya's Sharknado was wildly creative and we were cranking up. Ginger Minj's runway looked a little phoned in if I'm being honest. She was wearing a workaholics bear coat a la Spencer's from the mall and again with freaking Krylon. She did well in the acting challenge and I'm certain that she didn't get read for that half-assed runway. Kennedy's outfit looked like she just found Coco Montrice's chicken outfit. Max's runway look was just hauntingly beautiful as the ghost of a woman who committed suicide by cutting out her own heart. Kandy Ho, bitch please! A black dress and fangs was just a joke. Pearl's runway was a bit reminiscent of Sharon Needles.

The winner for this week was Katya, Max got read for not bringing a different color wig down the runway like Michelle had asked, and Miss Fame once again had the head joke go over her head ... crickets crickets. Jaidynn and Kandy Ho were up for elimination with an Arianna Grande song. Kandy Ho did a bunch of hair whipping but Jaidynn killed it! Kandy went home FINALLY!

Next week is snatch game and we can't wait!





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