Rosemary Joaquin & Daisha McBride offer the music we needed

Recording Artist Rosemary Joaquin is making waves and gaining even more fans with the release of her cinematic music video “A Little More.” The song is generating incredible buzz and fan following on Tiktok, prompting a re-release with a music video and new feature from rapper Daisha Mcbride (recognized by Thrillist, Genius, NPR, and the Tennessean as an “artist to watch”).

Sending a powerful message about love, the video highlights a romantic relationship between two women. The traditional premise with a new twist challenges us to reconsider our preconceived ideas about relationships. It leaves behind an inclusive impression that all love is valid.

“The release of A Little More has been both exhilarating and scary. The song is extremely personal, kind of like my coming out anthem, exploring the uncertainty and excitement I felt entertaining a new relationship with a woman,” says Joaquin. “I think it’s important to normalize representation of non-traditional love relationships. I’m extremely proud of the music video and grateful for the opportunity to work with a talented artist like Daisha McBride.”

Rosemary Joaquin. Photo courtesy of Rosemary Joaquin.

The video begins with Rosemary crowned as Matchmaker. Matchless herself, she matches all of the women with their male counterparts, and the couples are blissfully happy. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Rosemary actually has a match, but it is with a woman. She’s had a match the entire time, but didn’t realize it until that prospect was right in front of her.

Rosemary leaves her post as Matchmaker to explore her new relationship. As the story comes to a close, Rosemary returns to the couples from the beginning and finds that they are happy for her and rooting for the new couple, just as she had been rooting for them.

Still from “A Little More” music video

More about Rosemary Joaquin

Rosemary Joaquin is a Washington, D.C. native who moved to Nashville in 2018 to pursue her music career. Her rich, velvety, low-pitched voice leaves you craving more. She’s been compared to other mainstream artists like Maggie Rodgers, King Princess and Dua Lipa. Her 2020 single A Little More was featured on Billboard PRIDE’s Queer Necessities in February 2020. One of her first releases, Bad Song, recently surpassed one million streams on Spotify and her 2019 single Hate That I Love You awarded her Waffle House’s 2019 Scattered, Smothered and Discovered Artist of the Year. Rosemary is also a featured performer at next month’s Nashville PRIDE Festival!

See for yourself:

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