Ravi Roth takes on Chicago in Gaycation Travel Show season one finale

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As you can imagine, there is a lot to do in Chicago; the third most populous city in America. So it's fitting that the Gaycation Travel Show should wrap up its first season there just in time for summer.

Ravi Roth gets "extra" over the Windy City

Host Ravi Roth visited the Windy City and found out there is a thriving LGBTQ+ community far and wide. With entertainment, arts, future husbands and wives everywhere, our spirited guide took a deep dive into one of the country's most compelling LGBTQ+ destinations.

Gaycation Magazine: What is one misconception about Chicago that most people might have?

Ravi: Queer life exists everywhere, it is not just in the Boystown/Nortalsted area. Venture out to other neighborhoods like Andersonville to get a different perspective on Queer culture.

How does the LGBTQ Chicago experience differ from other places you have visited in your series?

It is EVERYWHERE. The entire Boystown/Northalsted area was vibrant and filled with diversity. A lot of this season we went to smaller towns. Chicago has something for everyone no matter where you fit in the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. Make sure to work with Choose Chicago as they can provide valuable information on the ‘windy city’. 

What kind of food can people expect?

Deep dish pizza is a must-have! However, there are so many food options that one can eat out every day for years and always find a new restaurant. The vegan scene in Chicago is fabulous and I would highly recommend the Chicago Diner. It is all vegan and INCREDIBLE.

How should you dress in summer?

Ravi Roth holds up one of Chicago's most iconic landmarks.

It was hot AF when I visited in April so I would suggest a tank top and shorts. However, be weary of the wind at night. Make sure you bring a light jacket and sneakers as it is a super walkable city.

What is the best time of year to visit?

Spring or Fall so you aren't freezing or scalding hot however, the majority of the Queer events such as Pride, International Mister Leather, and Market Days happen in the Summer.

Would this be a good city to get married? Where?

YAS! First, find your next ex-husband in the Boystown/Northalsted area, then visit the Immersive Van Gogh and propose there. Get married at Hollywood Queer Beach. Who doesn’t love a sensible beach wedding?

What was the strangest thing you did?

Watched a magician swallow a 5-foot-long balloon at Trickery Chicago

Is Boystown packed at night?

YAS! The city is back alive and THRIVING

What’s next for Ravi Roth? And where can people follow you?

I am starting a new series called Ravi’s Road to Pride on my YouTube channel where I am covering Prides around the globe. We launch on July 13.

Pride in the Windy City

Ravi's Road to Pride can be found HERE. Also, follow Ravi's continuing journey as he treks the Globe over on Instagram and Tik Tok.  

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