PrideArts announces January slate of five feature films

In its continuing efforts to make LGBTQ-themed films more readily available to audiences, PrideArts has announced titles for five weekly engagements of LGBTQ feature films to be streamed for eight days each, from December 26, 2021, through January 31, 2022. PrideArts Films run throughout the year, and consist of features, documentaries, and short film festivals.

Man with arms folded DARE

The first will be the 10th Anniversary remastering of the 2009 film DARE, a classic about high school kids – an aspiring actress, her misfit best friend, and a loner - who become engaged in an intimate and complicated relationship. The starry cast includes Emmy Rossum, Alan Cumming Sandra Bernhard, Rooney Mara, Ana Gasteyer, and Evanston native Zach Gilford. DARE will stream from December 26 – January 3. It will be followed by the 2021 SWEETHEART, a charming and quirky coming-of-age story set on the English coast that won two British Independent Film Awards and the Audience Award at the Glasgow Film Festival. SWEETHEART will stream from January 2 – 10, 2022.

Two men in bed KAPANA

Streaming from January 9 through 17 will be KAPANA, the first ever LGBTQIA+ feature from Namibia, a country where sodomy is still a crime and gay relationships are stigmatized. In KAPANA, the lives of two men intersect in an unlikely meeting in a bar.

The Argentine film THE PEFECT DAVID (EL PEREFCTO DAVID), released this year, will stream from January 16 – 24. David obsessively works on his body to reach the idealized self of a bodybuilder. As David dedicates himself to further developing his physique, his social life begins to call out to him. The January series will conclude with CICADA, a 2020 American film following the fact-based story of its two lead actors, whose developing relationship is challenged by a need to acknowledge past traumas. CICADA will stream from January 23 – 31, 2022.

Young boy looking worried CICADA

Ticket prices for each individual film are $12.00 and entitle the patron to unlimited viewing for the entire eight days of streaming. Pride Film passes are also available. If purchased by December 30, the passes are just $30 and entitle the purchaser to view all five January films, plus the previously announced feature THE HIGHER SPIRIT (streaming December 20-27). After December 30, pass prices will be $35.00 and will entitle purchasers to view the five films streaming from December 26 through January 3.

Passes may be purchased at More information and tickets are available at

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