Popular D.J. CJ Jatala Suffers Stroke

The family of CJ Jatala, a popular community DJ for TRAX Karaoke, and CEO of 3c Event & Entertainment, says he has suffered a stroke and family members are weighing heavily the decision of when to take him off life support, according to a Facebook post from Jatala’s sister, Loretta Grissom. Friends and fans were updated with the news Saturday night.

A CT scan revealed Jatala had developed a blood clot in his brain after suffering several strokes, according to the post. The family says they’ve been told that even if Jatala did wake up, he would not be the same, due to severe brain damage.

“CJ has an amazing heart and soul. Never knew a stranger, loved everyone,” Grissom said in a Facebook post. “Never knew a stranger, loved everyone. Never judged anyone for who they were. He loved to do karaoke for as long as I can remember. He is an amazing father.”

Jatala’s company 3c Event & Entertainment provides party decor services in the Nashville area. He had previously hosted karaoke and DJ’d at TRAX and former establishment Stirrup Nashville.

“My heart goes out to his family. It’s awful,” says former owner of Stirrup Nashville and current Pecker’s bartender Timmy Harkum. “CJ is such a great guy, always makes the most beautiful decorations. Everybody loves him.”

“He is one of the biggest reasons I became Sugar. He passed my name to Timmy and got me hired at Stirrup Nashville,” says Pecker’s drag queen Jason Walls, whose stage name is “Sugar”. “His kind words and gentle soul will always mean so much to me. Truly an amazing person and he will forever hold a special place in my heart.”

A link has been set up by Grissom to help with end of life expenses. Those wishing to donate can CLICK HERE.

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