Plumgood Food adds more products, cuts delivery fee

Plumgood Food, the local online grocery store that delivers groceries, water and prepared foods to homes and offices, has added more than 2,000 brand name products and cut its delivery fee in half. The company recently moved to a new 24,000 square-foot facility to accommodate the growth.

Plumgood Food decided to broaden its offering after customers said they wanted to eliminate their major trip to the grocery store by doing all their grocery shopping online. With more brand name products to choose from, from Coca-Cola to Cheerios to Doritos to Smucker's to Ben & Jerry’s, Plumgood customers can have all the groceries they need delivered to their doors.  The company also significantly reduced its delivery fee to $3.95 for orders over $100, and is offering new customers $15 off their first order.

“Since the beginning, our goal at Plumgood Food has been to make people’s lives easier, and that means delivering all the items they want, at prices they can afford, right to their doors,” said Eric Satz, president of Plumgood Food. “We are a company founded in Nashville that cares about the people who live here. We do this because our customers tell us we improve their quality of life. That’s why we get up in the morning. They asked for more brand names and lower delivery fees, and we were happy to deliver.”

Plumgood Food was founded in 2004 by Satz and his wife Kate who wanted to bring an online grocery shopping service – usually only available in cities like Chicago and New York – to Nashville. Since then, the company has developed a steady following of customers who have realized how easy and convenient it is to shop online and how much time they save by having groceries delivered to their door.

Plumgood began by focusing on organic and natural products, but expanded its inventory when a vast majority of customers said they buy both organic and name brand products for their homes. In January, in order to accommodate the thousands of new products, Plumgood moved from its downtown location to a 24,000 square-foot facility on Mapleleaf Drive. 

Still committed to its organic and natural roots, the shelves are also now stocked with thousands of products more familiar in a typical household. Plumgood’s stated goal is to have a product mix that is 50% name brand and 50% organic and natural. Shoppers can purchase everything from produce to paper towels to dog food at Plumgood Food. Plumgood also prepares and delivers fully cooked meals for busy individuals and families who do not have time to fix dinner every night.

“Plumgood Food has been a lifesaver for people throughout Nashville who want to spend more time with their families and less time in a grocery line,” said Satz. “Whether you’re looking for organic potatoes or Lay’s potato chips, you can find it all at Plumgood Food.”  

Plumgood is offering all new customers $15 off their first order by entering promo code PLUM15 at checkout. To begin shopping or for more information, visit

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