Phoenix resident and business owner Jody DeSimone is sharing the love

As a "loveologist," long-time Phoenix resident Jody DeSimone, CEO of DeSimone Global Marketing, has not only experienced the fruits of her labor, but has also shared them with the people she comes in contact with.

Evolution of self is a vital part of the human experience. Life has a way of sometimes forcing said change due to different events occurring. While change can be uncomfortable at certain points, embracing it can make life more fruitful.

"Loveologist" Jody DeSimone

DeSimone started out doing a number of freelance jobs marketing  over social media and is currently running a full ad agency. After getting out of her previous relationship, DeSimone looked at TikTok to explore and share parts of herself with her followers.

“One of my cousins posted on Facebook how insane TikTok was and how she didn’t understand why anyone would use it,” said DeSimone. 

Out of spite to her cousin’s remarks, she made her very own TikTok account from there opened a door that would soon change lives.

“It was really my ego at first and looking for validation,” DeSimone explained. “I was trying to find myself again and then the followers started to come.”

While on this path of self discovery, DeSimone wanted to not only show the fun, flirtatious side of herself but the grounded, loving, peaceful side as well.

“I wanted to express myself in a balanced way,” DeSimone said. “I will never discredit my ego, it has a ton of value but to balance it out so it isn’t driving the car? Sure.”

Soon after, while talking to a friend one day, DeSimone made her now viral TikTok in one take that allowed her followers or anyone who came across the video someone to talk to, confide in, or just simply be there. From there, the rebirth of “Loveologist,” a previous term she used in an earlier project, was here. A loveologist is someone whose “soul” purpose is to love.

“This was the best way to verbalize who and what I am,” she explained. “When I come into people’s lives, that is the footprint I want to leave.”

Living in a world where everything seems to be a competition, it is easy to lose who you are, your true, authentic self. For DeSimone, this has been one of the reasons she’s been able to do all that she has done.

When you show up giving energy out without the need to get it back, people can see it. It hits home, it’s something that’s familiar and people crave it.

DeSimone is taking spreading her unconditional love to people a step further by embarking on a cross country journey with her son and dog from California to New York to meet some of the people who have reached out. You can support her cause and find more information at her website and follow her on TikTok @girlgraphix.

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