Now here's a kink we bet you didn't think about.

When it comes to kinks and foreplay, what turns you on is unique to you. Now isn’t the time to get embarrassed - with 1 in 7 people having a foot fetish and 75% of the population having a dirty talk kink, fetishes come in all shapes and sizes. Foreplay triggers physiological and physical reactions, so finding what you like is super important. For a number of people shaving a sexual partner has become a popular fantasy but why? Body hair is already a hot topic, and with more and more people increasingly growing attracted to hair and hair removal – it's time to explore the kink.

Dirty Minds Media, an adult kink website who specialize in fetishes, knows that there is a stigma surrounding kinks and fetishes alike. They often receive questions and requests about the fact that people or perspective partners don’t understand the shaving fetish. The experts have shared their expertise, to help those facing challenges around wanting to embrace and partake in their fantasies.

What is a shaving kink?

Hair fetishes are widely spoken about, however a haircut fetishism or shaving fetish is what people are now particularly more interested in. Although shaving might seem like a tedious task, for me and you, for others it’s a right turn on. A kink is described as a consensual, non-traditional behaviour that creates sexual excitement – like with all kinks a shaving fetish comes in many forms. The act of a shaving fetish is to gain sexual arousal at the sight of; someone cutting your hair, watching a third party’s hair being shaved or shaving someone yourself – this can be on any part of the body that hair grows, including pubic hair.

Why does your partner want to shave you?

The question why relates back to social aspects. Pubic hair conversations are ongoing, society deemed (up until quite recently) that having pubic hair was undesirable – created by prejudice of cleanliness. But for your partner that wants to shave you, it’s probably associated with dominance, rather than personal hygiene, almost taking care of their partner. Much like pubic shaving, a shaven head has also become a kink too, being as they are affiliated with humiliation - linking back to a punishment of women who were caught fraternising with the enemy in World War II. Keeping in mind the idea of power, the humiliation element is now more obvious – so as a dominant it’s not hard to see why it’s sexually arousing.

Advice to approach the subject with your partner

Shaving your partner is a great way to explore your partner, the build-up can cause excitement and intensifies any future sexual experience to follow. But it can be uncomfortable to approach the subject especially if you aren't in a dominant and submissive relationship. The experts at Dirty Minds Media have provided you a short advice section to help you approach the subject of your kinks. It can be tricky to approach the topic of shaving your partner but if you have a fetish that you desire to explore, then communicate with your partner. If you fear feeling judged, try explaining that you’re sharing from a place of trust, it will help stop that embarrassment. Going in with the facts, details and context will also help you demystify your kink too. Starting small and easing the conversation slowly will help this. Finally, everyone should be understanding – each party will have something to say.

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