Out Front for AIDS Walk

Derrick Bachman and his partner, Shaun Bryant, are co-chairs for Kansas City’s 28th annual AIDS Walk on April 30, and they’ve signed up to chair next year’s walk, too.

Bachman, 34, said he became involved with AIDS Walk 10 years ago through his friend J.P. Crilly, a previous co-chair of the walk for two years.

Bachman has been an operating partner at Bistro 303, the Westport gay bar and restaurant, for nearly eight years. A native of Salina, Kansas, he has lived in Kansas City since 2001.

Bistro 303 has had an active role in AIDS Walk in recent years: Part-time employee Dean Cox and his partner, Bryan McQueen, also served as co-chairs of AIDS Walk for two years. This year, Bachman and Bryant formed a new AIDS Walk team at the bar with their friend Terri Goddard called “Bistro Brigade.”

In addition to his role with AIDS Walk, Bachman was elected this year to the board of directors for Hope Care Center, a Kansas City, Mo., skilled nursing facility for HIV-positive residents.

Bryant, 33, Bachman’s partner, is a middle school math teacher at Brookside Charter School. A Kansas City native, he is a member of the school’s Lighthouse Leadership Team, which teaches leadership skills to students using Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Bryant, 33, is also a graduate student pursuing a Curriculum & Instruction degree from Grand Canyon University.

They live in the West Plaza area of Kansas City with their beloved pets, a dog named Hannah and a cat named Butterfinger.

Bachman said that they both share a love of sports, especially baseball and football, and attend many Kansas City games. When they’re not working, they love to get away to the lake.

Bachman credited Bistro 303’s co-owners for their great support in the community. “Gene and Jeffrey have been huge supporters of AIDS Walk and also of Late Night Theatre, Heartland Men’s Chorus and Women’s Chorus,” he said.

Bachman and Bryant have raised over $11,000 in their own personal fundraising for AIDS Walk and are the top team.

“Never underestimate the power of those who love and support you. Just like AIDS Walk – without our family of volunteers, none of this would have been possible,” said Bryant. “A smooth and successful event requires dedicated supporters, careful planning and organization, and most of all … fun!”

Bachman said, “This AIDS Walk season has been an incredible learning experience. We generated ideas we would like to use again, ways to build on them, and a momentum that we never imagined we would find. Our goal is to combine awareness and education with our fundraising efforts to help Kansas City remain one of the best places to be for those living with HIV/AIDS.”

Bistro Brigade. How They Did It.

Captains: Derrick Bachman, Shaun Bryant, Terri Goddard.

Distributed more than 60 T-shirts for people volunteering and/or attending events, walkers, etc.

Currently the top team.

Amount raised is over $15,000.

This year’s team events:

Blackjack tournament: Raised over $2,000. Support from Chef Paul @ Bistro 303, dealers, and Brigade members Cathy Eismont and Michael Sosa.

St. Patrick’s Day at 303 with $ellout. Raised over $1,000 selling Jell-O shots. Support from $ellout, Chad Slater, Claire Fitzsimmons, David Armendariz, Terri Goddard.

Kickball tournament: Raised over $2,500.

Partnered with KC Blue Balls (adult kickball league).

Support from Anne Frye, Scott Switzer, Joanne Carmichael, Jeffrey “Hammer” Bachman, Brad Hobbs, Tim Williams, Garrett McConnell, Chad Slater.Eight teams (more than 100 players). Will aim to expand and add more teams next year.

Up-Down: Raised over $2,000. Partnered with Up-Down Barcade. Support from Andy Frye and the entire Up-Down staff.

100 percent of token sales donated. More than 100 AIDS Walk Token bags purchased (bags provided contained KC Care HIV testing info, condoms, etc.).

Military Ball: Raised over $1,500. Costume party. Support from DJ Chad Slater, Daisy Buckët and Terri Goddard.

Upcoming event: House Party! Details announced soon, but it will be in June at a gorgeous new location.

Marketing and graphic design for all events by Joshua Minnis.

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