Organizing a Perfect Small Gay Wedding

Due to COVID-19 and the pandemic, big and extravagant weddings are off the table for the moment. And who cares, when micro weddings are all the rage in the LGBT community right now! More and more couples are ditching large and formal wedding receptions in favor of intimate ceremonies and wild parties, and how could they not when these small weddings are much cheaper and more fun. If you want total control over your wedding and a ceremony that’s gentle on your wallet, here’s a wedding guide on how to throw a perfect small gay wedding. 

Find the right venue

When you only have a small number of VIP guests, you have a whole new world of venues to choose from. And don’t think you can’t have something grandiose just because you’re wedding is small—you can have all the elegance you want. For instance, art galleries are a sophisticated backdrop, but you can also go with a luxurious yacht so you can instantly sail away to your honeymoon when everything is over. 

If you only have a larger venue at your disposal, don’t worry. All you need to do is make the space feel cozy, warm and welcoming. Use decoration to minimize the space and reduce that open space concept that looks like half of your wedding party didn’t show up. 


No matter how small, your gay wedding is still a GAY WEDDING, so make it look the part with a lot of decoration. Actually, if you have a smaller wedding, it means your décor can be as fabulous and extravagant as you want because you’ll have more money for it. One of gay couples’ favorite looks is huge floral canopies that look breathtaking over any banquet-style table. If you’re looking for elegance and romance, you can’t beat hanging wisteria and plenty of candles. On the other hand, if something casual is more your taste, you can go with party decorations like balloons, sprinkles and accessories for the guests. 

Consider a road trip

Since you don’t have too many guests to coordinate and pay for, you might even get away with a destination wedding somewhere close to your home. If your city doesn’t offer too many same-sex wedding commodities, a road trip will be a great idea. This, of course, needs to be a two-day affair, but it’s easy to get everyone on board when you have only about 20 people to manage. If you really want to make it special, consider minibus hire and put all your guests into one bus so you can party on your way there (safely, of course). When you arrive at your destination, you can just park your bus and continue with your celebrations!  

Be creative with food

Do you really need a huge wedding cake for 20 people? Why not opt for groom+groom wedding cupcakes? When it comes to something savory, you can easily create a buffet-style wedding with one meat option, one vegetarian option, a few sides, a few salads and some dinner rolls. And of course, an open bar is a must! You can even curate your signature wedding cocktail and serve it all through the night since there will not be too many people waiting in line for their drink. 

Go all-in on entertainment

Small weddings need one or two big moments, and you can certainly afford them since you have more money and time to plan your wow ideas. For instance, you can make a grand entrance or exit with sprinkles and fireworks (perfect for outdoor weddings) or you can hire a good DJ to entertain your guests all through the night. You can even organize a special appearance from a guest of honor for your future spouse—everyone loves emotional surprises like that. If you’re choosing to have some traditional events on your wedding day, make sure to put a twist on them and make them uniquely yours (and gay). 

Not every wedding needs to have 200 guests and a budget of $100k, especially now that we’re in a pandemic and global economic crisis. Your little gay wedding will be completely appropriate for the times and you and your special guests will have a blast celebrating your married life. 

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