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Chad and Mike Walton decided to leave their lives living in the big city to follow their dreams. They found a unique property in the heart of the charming town of Hermann, Missouri which is located in the beautiful Missouri River Valley. They soon opened the property as a true bed and breakfast which they aptly named Old Vine.

When asked why they were interested in Herman and what drew them to this unique area, they said, “After visiting vineyards around the country, we dreamed of one day living in a wine country area. During the pandemic, we started visiting Hermann from our home in St Louis more and more. The opportunity arose to open our own business with Old Vine and rather than wait for retirement, which was the original plan, we took a leap of faith and jumped in.”

For Chad, a retail customer service manager, and Mike, an elementary teacher, was a new challenge. The idea of owning and running a bed and breakfast was a common dream for the two of them. When the property they now own came on the market, they embraced the opportunity and embarked on an incredible journey.

“Running a B&B has been a completely new experience for us, but that doesn’t mean we jumped in blind,” they told OUTvoices. They both have many years of experience in business management, customer service, and travel. “We have been able to bring a fresh perspective based on what we liked and disliked from our own travels. Old Vine is like a greatest hit from the places we have visited.”

The Old Vine is centrally located in Hermann and is within walking distance to many wineries and distilleries, restaurants, boutiques, and the Amtrak station. They also have an outdoor pavilion which can be used by guests and has seating for 18.

Mike Walton said, “The tourism business in Hermann has been growing in leaps and bounds. We want to offer our guests an indulgent experience in a town filled with friendly folks and wine.”

The Old Vine is available on both airbnb and vrbo. Check out the property at www.oldvinebnb.com or call them at 636-231-5625. They can also be reached at oldvinebnb@gmail.com.

Image Source: Cotton bro at Pexels

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