NASHVILLE recap: "You Can't Lose Me"

As a critic, I try to do my best to avoid the comments section in whatever I write, but sometimes I will stumble onto one of my own critics. I have seen words like mean, rude, hateful and miserable slung at me and my first reaction is to not respond nicely. But, this time, I was moved to amusement as a response and then I realized I would do nothing but respect what these people have to say to or about me.

You see, the ones who speak against me are very passionate about the show Nashville and we need more of these people in the world. These are the same folks who tweeted to keep it on the air and who continue to try to get through to the world that this show is important. I recently read an entertainment blog where the author asked CMT to listen to the fans of Nashville because the network clearly has not. The show has the actors, storyline and potential to be a great show, but it has gone downhill since moving to CMT. Please, CMT, listen to the Nashville faithful and take a cue from them and the show will flourish. Just like so many, I want to like this show.

Now, onto this week’s episode…

Police haven’t caught the guy who assaulted Scarlett and Gunnar. Nashville’s finest want them to go to the station to look at mug shots. Gunnar goes, but Scarlett stays behind to relax and begins having pain and bleeding. Deacon hurries over to get her and rushes her to the hospital. The doctor tells them that the baby’s heart has stopped beating. Gunnar shows up and is distraught, but the doctor insists that the mugging the night before didn’t lead to the miscarriage.

At Highway 65, Glenn is back (YAY!) and he and Zach are fawning all over Juliette, whose new single “Water Rising” is on fire. Maddie steps in and Zach proposes Juliette make a guest appearance at Madd’s performance later that night at the Wildhorse Saloon. Maddie loves the idea and Juliette is hesitant. Now, remember kids, “Water Rising” was the tune the songwriter (Travis) wanted Maddie to record and Juliette stole it for her own. In fact, Zach wants the two to sing the song together. I smell a cat fight in the near future. MEOW. Also, what is it with Juliette’s hair always being braided lately? I mean, it’s cool, but Laura Ingalls Wilder has been done, honey.

Juliette calls Travis and tries to get him to go to another event to keep him from attending a party for Juliette celebrating the success of “Water Rising” because Maddie will be there, too. Juliette does show up at Maddie’s Wildhorse show, but avoids her a bit onstage and bails immediately after their performance. Later, Maddie shows up to Juliette’s place to see if there is anything wrong. Um, yes, Madds, there is. Juliette is literally a terrible human being.

Gunnar gets Scarlett home and settled into her house and she just wants to be alone. She does ask him no to tell anybody about the baby. She is obviously devastated and has a big cry once he leaves. Back at his house, Gunnar is also feeling guilty and confused about what happened. Will tries to explain he did the right thing, but Gunnar is too wound up and angrily preoccupied to listen.

Deacon gets a call from a guy wanting to be Jessie’s manager, but forgets with having to take Scarlett to the hospital. He calls Jessie to apologize and blurts out what happened to Scarlett. So, she goes over to Scarlett’s place and tries to sneakily leave a gift on her front porch, but Scarlett hears her, steps outside and recognizes her. Jessie explains she went through two miscarriages and left her a gift basket of things that helped her through them. Scarlett invites her in.

After having a nightmare about the mugger, Gunnar is intent on finding the guy and stakes out the grocery store where the guy held them up. Having no luck at the store, he drives upon a kid walking nearby- and lo and behold it’s the assailant. Hey, wow- Nashville has close to two million people living here and Gunnar just happens to find the guy who mugged them the VERY next day. I mean, what are the damn odds?

Jessie is very helpful with Scarlett and gives her good advice about loving and forgiving herself. Scarlett didn’t get to give her baby a name and tells Jessie all she has is the blanket they wrapped the baby in when she asked to see her. The two share some cries and laughs and the two are giggling when Deacon arrives.

Gunnar hops out of his car and begins chasing the kid down a residential alley. When he catches him, he slams him against a wall and punches him until he falls to the ground. Gunnar is clearly a bit off his rocker and looks like a demon, a cute one, but a demon nonetheless. Anyway, the kid hits the ground and begs Gunnar not to hurt him. Realizing he’s a bit of a crazed lunatic, Gunn Gunn lets him go.

Deacon walks Jessie out and gets on her case about not keeping the secret he told her. He knows he is probably in trouble with Scarlett, but then Jessie explains that she also lost pregnancies and understands what Scar Scar is going through. Deacon tries to apologize, but Jessie thinks he was kind of being an ass. And he was. An ass with a nice ass being an ass.

At Juliette’s party to celebrate “Water Rising” having 50,000 downloads, Travis shows up anyway and Juliette shuffles him over to the bar as Maddie walks in. Then, Juliette tries to convince Maddie she is trying to get sick, feeling her forehead and asking if she has been getting enough sleep. Okay, CMT, THIS is where the bad writing I have warned you about comes in. NOBODY falls for the “Are you getting sick” distraction crap. EVER. And while Maddie is the worst, not even she is dumb enough to fall for it. But, of course, CMT DOES have Maddie fall for it and she leaves the party.

Scarlett is straightening up her house and she comes across a pair of pink baby booties. She tries to call Gunnar, but he is watching soccer and presumably in a hot guy shame spiral. So, Scarlett goes to his place to see if he is okay. In tears, he thinks this is all his fault. Clearly traumatized by her own indecision, she can’t hurt him any longer and doesn’t want him to wait around for her, so she officially breaks it off with him.

As Travis steps outside the party for a cancer stick, he sees Maddie waiting for the valet parking attendant. He introduces himself and they begin to talk and it is soon brought up that Maddie passed on the song “Water Rising.” Madds is dumbfounded and Travis politely walks away. Furious, Maddie stomps back into the party and confronts Juliette and then throws a drink in her face. Holy crap on a sushi roll, CMT! Are you actually trying to get me to like Maddie? That is certainly one way to do it!

Gunnar gets a call from Avery on the road- Will told him to check on our sweet Gunn Gunn. Avery invites him out on the road to hang out, play some shows and get a change of scenery out in Texas. Um, no. Texas is nothing but strip malls, big heat and even bigger egos. Join Avery when he goes to Colorado, Gunnar. Your butt sweat will decrease and “mile high” potential will rise.

It seems video of Maddie giving Juliette a cocktail bath has been leaked to the press and Glenn is trying to do damage control. No one knows why Maddie threw the drink, so Glenn thinks she should get in front of the story.

Gunnar goes over to Scarlett’s to get some of his things and our little Sherpa is painting flowers on a wooden box. OF COURSE SHE IS. Anyway, Gunnar tells her that she is right. (DO NOT encourage her, Gunnar.) He has been so wrapped up in her, that he doesn’t know who he is. Well, Gunnie, sweetie, NEITHER DOES SCARLETT!!

Ya’ll I know Hayden Panettierre had a kid not too long ago, but her jugs are looking huge these days. Good on you, girl! Anyway, Juliette goes over to see Maddie, but Daphne won’t let her in. Juliette explains to Daph that she screwed up and is sorry. Madds overhears it all. Deacon tries to talk to Maddie about it, but she explains it’s something she needs to handle on her own. Not to be a downer, but Maddie’s track record of handling stuff on her own isn’t exactly stellar. Does Clay ring a bell?

Later, at Scarlett’s benefit for the women’s clinic, Deacon runs into Jessie and apologizes. She tells him she isn’t going to sign with Highway 65 because she and Deacon are friends and it could be a conflict of interest. Scarlett gets up to thank everyone for coming and as she explains the importance of having a place like an affordable women’s reproductive clinic in town, she tearfully discusses losing her baby. She talks about it openly because she wants to get rid of the stigma and shame attached to women’s reproductive matters and issues. Then she sings a beautiful song (I think) called “Keep Me Close.”

As a montage plays while she sings, we see a close up of the flower-painted box that holds the baby blanket and booties. The name “Amelia Rose” is painted on the box.

More episodes like that, CMT.




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