NASHVILLE recap: "Two Sparrows In a Hurricane"

Nice try, Nashville producers. Putting the word “sparrow” in the episode’s title isn’t going to make people think of Game of Thrones and tune in. But, I applaud the effort.

Anyway, we kick things off with Gunnar apologizing to Avery for acting like a spoiled junior high school kid. Speaking of middle school kids, Daphne is at her first day on the set of creepy Brad’s American Idol knockoff show Nashville’s Next Country Star. We meet the show’s two coaches and Daph meets who I hope will become her new gay bestie, fellow contestant, Preston.

I see we are taking a big anti-bully stance on Nashville, which is great. I hope this storyline doesn’t taking a cheesy turn. I am hopeful as Deacon and Jessie take their legal fight with Brad to a pit bull of an attorney ready to kick some ass. Jessie doesn’t want Deacon to pay for the legal battle because she wants to be able to do something on her own for the first time in her life. I actually get that.

Daph and Preston’s show coach is a songwriter named Ilse who thinks Daph Daph is “precious,” but Brad is using her because she is Rayna Jaymes’s daughter. He even goes so far as to asking her to write a song about her mother’s death. Even though it makes Daph uncomfortable, he wants to exploit her. Later, when Deacon sees she is writing the song, he wants to sit in on the next songwriting session for the show.

The group that Gunnar, Alannah, Will and Avery have together (can’t remember their dumb name because, well, how many acts has Gunnar and Avery been part of????) are rehearsing with Will watching on the sidelines. There is a lot of uncomfortable crap between them. After rehearsal, Alannah tries to worm her way into doing something with Avery, but fails.

Scarlett is still pushing Sean, the veteran who has PTSD and agoraphobia, to go back to performing music. Look folks, while I understand music can be the most phenomenal therapy, Scarlett is an idiot who needs to check with a professional before pushing someone with a mental illness to do something they are not comfortable with. ANYWAY, of course, she gets him to perform at a songwriter’s night at a coffee house. He reluctantly gets on stage and wows the crowd with his tune “Bring Me An Angel.” Afterwards, she tells him he could have a career if he wanted. Well, in fake Nashville he absolutely could. Everyone who wants a career gets one! In fact, I am moving there tomorrow to be the president of some record label I will make up on the spot!

Gunnar shows up at Alannah’s place because he wants to talk. He apologizes for being an envious asshat and she doesn’t think he wants to get to know the real her. Okay, Alannah, I know your character is just here to cause drama and that is fine and using a man for sex is also fine, but don’t bump uglies with a guy (or anyone for that matter) for funsies consistently and then expect them to want to know the real you. Playing “mysterious hoochie” is an old game in the player’s handbook. Find something imaginative.

When Sean kisses Scarlett, she rejects him and he tears himself up over it and storms out. What did I say earlier about pushing someone with a mental illness?

At the doctor, Will is pushing himself, but the doc warns him to take baby steps. In the waiting room, Gunnar tells Avery that he broke up with Alannah- whatever that means.

At Nashville’s Next Country Star, Ilse performs and it clearly impresses Deacon- and Brad. Brad then calls Daphne up to show what song she has been working on. She begins the rough draft version and Brad interrupts and asks her what she would say if Rayna were here today. As Brad digs into her emotional wounds a little deeper, Deacon does everything in his power to keep his mouth shut. I’m not a parent. I’m an Aunt Angela to several littles and I would (to quote William Shakespeare) “eat his heart in the market place” if he did that to any of my babies.

Alannah hoochies over to Avery’s place before their show later that night and it just so happens he has the place to himself. How convenient. Anyway, he pours her a drink. Pour me one, too, Avery. I don’t think I want to see Alannah throw herself at you again. But her hoochie cooching works and he kisses her. Seriously, Avery, how many sloppy seconds is that?

Deacon is furious Brad is using Rayna’s death to exploit Daphne. When Deacon warns Daph, she gets defensive and starts acting like Maddie, who, thankfully, isn’t in this episode so far.

Gunnar sees Avery and Alannah arrive for the show with their mouths all over one another and is so furious, he walks out in the middle of their show. Oh yeah, The Lost Highways is the name of their group. From the audience, Will is perplexed and Avery goes after him, but he is long gone. Avery is pissed and tries to blame Alannah. Ha! Nice try, Aves, but you are both at fault.

Later, Scarlett goes to Sean, who still doesn’t want to talk to her. It’s probably the accent. He tells her he was a terrible soldier. She tells him not to live in the past, which has ALWAYS worked with the mentally ill. He begins to recall the day his best friend was killed trying to save his life while they served in the Middle East together. He thinks the bullets that killed his best friend was meant for him. So, yeah. The guy has got issues, Scarly. Later, when he says he’ll keep singing, he asks Scarlett why she isn’t still singing. Sean, Scarlett is a victim and right now music is her tormenter.

As if we couldn’t hate Alannah any more, she goes to speak with Brad, who told her earlier in the season that she was the real talent in The Lost Highways. He is promising her money, an album and a tour. Could you also promise us a Jello fight in a kiddie pool between her and Juliette? I mean, it would make watching this show so much more fun. This show needs some good girl on girl action.

Jessie refuses to put Jake on the stand in her upcoming court battle with Brad. Deacon wants to do whatever makes her happy, but hates that she is giving up. But she would also be giving up Deacon, too.  So, they break up. Its okay, Jessie. I am his side bitch and will take care of him like I always do.

I spoke too soon. Maddie appears only briefly (thankfully) when it’s Daphne’s turn to perform on Nashville’s Next Country Star. Brad is, of course, one of the judges. She performs her heartbreaking song about Rayna called “Crashing Memories.” The judges all give her a thumbs up and she stays on the show. After, she runs crying into Deacon’s arms. So, hey, writers, I thought you guys killed off the creepy record exec when you offed Jeff Fordham? You just brought him back to life in a creepier, more Trump-esque form.



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