NASHVILLE recap: "Strong Enough to Bend"

So, where were we? Oh yes, Juliette walked in on Avery about to get it on with hoochie Alannah. Instead of tearing the bad dye job off her head, Juliette apologizes. I’m sorry, what? Juliette doesn’t apologize to skanks. This is ridiculous. Then they make awkward introductions before Alannah bolts? Um, no. Alannah needed to leave that house bleeding from her damn scalp, ya’ll.

Once again, Angela is calling Scarlett for help with Sean. She’s trying to get him to go to the VA hospital and see someone after he tried to kill himself. Scar Scar ends up taking him. FINALLY we involve a professional? Scarlett decides he needs professional help. Was it the alcoholism, agoraphobia, PTSD, anxiety, depression or suicide attempt that tipped you off, Scrawny?

Even though he is staying with them, Deacon doesn’t seem too keen on his dad being buddies with Daphne and Maddie. He’s very kind and patient with the girls and they think Deacon should forgive and forget. Oh- and Maddie wants to go on tour with Jonah in Europe for six weeks. Can we please end this whole Jonah thing?

Where is Juliette? What have you done with her? I only ask because after looking in on her daughter, she tells Avery she can’t stay and she goes to Hallie’s house. Juliette tells her about being kept prisoner by the cult, but also there was a big part of her cult work that was helpful. She felt good about herself.

On creepy Brad’s reality show, he tells Daphne her vote tallies are dropping and she needs to lose her guitar when performing. Her show coach, Ilse, agrees and thinks she is hiding behind it.

The next day, Juliette goes over to see Cadence, but things are obviously awkward with Avery. Juliette feels weird staying there, but Avery insists because it is her house after all. She tentatively asks about Alannah and is trying to discern his relationship with her. He tells her (what he should have said the first time she pulled this crap) that he is tired of her constant instability and erratic behavior. He’s done. Juliette takes it all gracefully. (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH JULIETTE??)

After waiting five hours to be seen in the VA hospital, Scarlett pleads with a doctor to see Sean, but it’s obvious we’re going for a real life VA Hospital situation in fake Nashville. When she tearfully pleads for a doctor to see him, he has left the waiting room. She finds him outside and he turns on her saying he doesn’t want to be her pity project. Oh, Sean, Scarlett is her own pity project. She tells him to get professional help or she’s out. OMG. Is that what it takes to get her out of your life? We needed to try that four seasons ago!

In the recording studio with Hallie, Juliette is all tears and happiness listening to the music. Hallie says she’s never seen her more at peace and Juliette says it’s over between her and Avery. Hallie suggests patience. Um, no. Avery has been more than patient and he is right to hit the road. The man isn’t Mother Theresa. But, we all know they will probably end up together for another snooze fest plotline.

When Avery finally does reach Alannah (she’s ignored him), she isn’t happy with the situation and it’s too complicated. She doesn’t want to be the one to break up their family. Oh really? The hoochie mama who intentionally created drama between Gunnar and Avery is throwing around the word complicated?

Deacon tries to have a talk with his father about them both having different memories of what happened when Deacon was a kid. As the argument gets heated, Daphne and Maddie walk in.

In front of an audience without her guitar feels so odd to Daphne. Ilse shows her how it’s done (by using Daph’s own song) and then Daphne is furious. Daph thinks she is trying take her song and make it something it’s not. OMG. Is this really an issue? I mean, I was in the music business and I don’t remember snot nose 14-year-olds getting pissy about trivial crap on a national talent competition. EVER.

Alannah goes to chat with Brad about things moving along with her career. She doesn’t like the music he is sending her and he doesn’t like the songs she is writing. She doesn’t get to have an identity as an artist until she charts some hits and gets some fame. Until then, creepy ass Brad and his lame record label call the shots. Yeah, this is correct when it comes to the music business. I’ve seen so many artists change who they are for fame. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s also not right. Anyway, Brad again says something that is borderline inappropes. “I help my friends. Will you be my friend?” Ew.

Deacon runs into Jessie at Kroger. Brad has dropped the custody battle, but still plans on sending Jake to boarding school. Maybe some time away from Brad isn’t a bad idea. I mean, I just see him an hour a week and I’m so ready for a trial separation. Anyway, Jessie tearfully thanks Deacon for his kindness, decency and honesty. “I was in a dark cave. You helped me come out,” he says back. And everyone watching this show gave a collective sigh because they wanted Deacon to say that to them. We’re not made of stone, folks.

Ilse goes to talk to Deacon about Daphne. She doesn’t want it to be misunderstand that they want Daph to be seductive or sexy. But, Daphne is hiding behind her guitar and not engaging with the audience. And to top it off, she skipped the show’s last rehearsal.

At the Flying Saucer, Alannah tells Avery about her talk with Brad. Avery wants to kick his ass and tells her to at least report his behavior. A good time will be when someone finally does make Brad wear his ass as a hat. Anywho, Avery swears he isn’t taking Juliette back and that things are problematic because their kid is involved.

Sean goes to Scarlett to apologize and he promises to get professional help. But he is really there to find out why she isn’t performing. He uses her own words to prove his point and thinks she zeroed in on him because he loves to perform as much as she does.

Later, Daph and grandpa are talking about the talent competition and Deacon walks in and tells her he got a visit from Ilse. He will back Daph in whatever she wants to do, but thinks Ilse has good advice. When grandpa voices it might be too much for a little girl, Deacon gets angry because he misinterpreted their conversation when he walked in. After a shouting match, Deacon apologizes and leaves the room.

Juliette is trying to talk to someone at the State Department who can help Rosa and her son get out of the cult compound in Bolivia. Um, Juliette, you’re famous. Call the damn press. Oh- and I smell some Leah Remini-type story in the works here. How freaking original. She asks Avery not to move out and he explains how very, very ANGRY he is with her. She asks him if he would simply just keep talking to her.

When Daphne gets to the show, she tells Ilse that she wants to do what makes her comfortable. But, during the show she sees her competition stepping out from behind the mic stand. So, she makes a point to discard her instrument and kills it by connective with the audience.

Deacon goes to his AA meeting and says he isn’t ready to forgive his dad. Deacon is the only one left alive to remind the man of what he did to them. He feels like it’s his job to remember. He’s been walking around with the hatred so long, he doesn’t know what to do without it. But, he can’t be the broken one to his kids. You can be the broken one to me, Deacon. I would prefer you also break me, but that’s for another time. So, later, he tells his pops that he is trying. And I am trying to keep my happiness intact because next week, GLENN IS BACK! See you then with Glenn!




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