NASHVILLE recap: "I'll Fly Away"

Now that Rayna has kicked the bucket, fake Nashville is in mourning. Her funeral is a small little occasion with Gunnar, Scarlett, Will, Bucky, Clay, Avery, Juliette, Teddy (who let him out of the clink?), Deacon, Maddie, Daphne and Tandy. Essentially, all of the major characters with a few minions thrown in. It appears Rayna is being laid to rest at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in the rain. It’s raining on so long Rayna Day, ya’ll.

At the reception (held at Rayna’s home) following the funeral, a few more minor characters show up like Emily and actual celebrity Pam Tillis. Deacon arrives and he is a hot mess. And I mean that in the most literal sense of the words. He is a HOT MESS. Anyway, he goes upstairs and stares sadly at the bedroom he shared with Ray Ray. Tandy, acting like Tandy, hands a tray of food to Clay and asks him to pass them out to guests. But, Gunnar saves the day and offers to take the tray.

Zach is beside himself with grief and, at the reception, sits on the couch and begins watching a video he made of creepy photographer Gene’s videos of Rayna with her family. Bucky can’t watch and bolts, so Zach puts it away. Gunnar, Avery, Juliette, Scarlett and Will join him and they all toast Rayna.

Glen arrives (YAY GLEN, where have you been???) and tells Juliette the CMT people are trying to find an artist to do a tribute to Rayna at the CMT Music Awards. Of course, duh, they didn’t ask Juliette because they didn’t think she was well enough. Well, hell, CMT, you can’t even get it right on your own show. Also, Juliette is wearing black lipstick. To a funeral. Let that batch of obvious weirdness sink in.

Scarlett goes to check on Deacon. Um, if I had just lost the love of my life, the last thing I would want is a fake, scrawny, identity crisis trying to console me. She gives him the jump drive of Zach’s video when he doesn’t want to talk.

Teddy and Tandy are chatting and no good could come of this. Teddy has standard bereavement leave from prison, which is three days. Neither of them think Deacon can deal with all of the lawyer stuff coming up and the business with Highway 65. Tandy suggests she and Teddy handle everything for now. Show of hands who thinks this is a bad idea?

And just like that, Juliette is doing the Rayna tribute. She sees herself in the mirror limping around and doesn’t like what she sees. I hope it’s the lipstick and not the limp.

As Zach and Will are leaving the wake, Zach asks Will why he didn’t call him. Will says it had to do with them working together because, ya know, Zach is Will’s boss now. That doesn’t seem to bother Zach.

Maddie finds Clay outside and this whole death and funeral seems to be too much for him. He feels awkward and out of place and just wants to get the hell out of there. It upsets Madds and he leaves. How long before Maddie makes her mother’s death about her? The counter is on, kids!

The next day at the attorney’s office we find out Rayna hadn’t appointed a legal guardian for her kids. Of course. Why would a multi-million dollar celebrity forget to leave a guardian for her kids? That would be just silly. The lawyer explains that whoever gets control of the kids also gets control of the record label and you can see the drool waiting to pour from Tandy’s mouth. Teddy is both Daph and Maddie’s legal parent, but Deacon can contest it and they would have to go to court.

Later, Maddie overhears Teddy and Tandy discussing how he will be out of the clink soon and how Maddie’s court testimony from her emancipation case will help him get custody. Madds storms in and refutes it and essentially tells them she won’t agree to it in court. Yeah, lying under oath is a felony, I believe, Madds.  So, the brat goes and tattles on them to Deacon. Then, Deacon goes downstairs to hear Teddy and Tandy talking about how Teddy Man will be out in three months. Then, Deacon pisses in his corner and tells them to back off. I would have used much more colorful language, Deac-o.

At the rehearsal for the CMT Music Awards, Juliette is struggling. She feels off for some reason. Later, she still feeling odd because she is singing Rayna’s song. Avery tells her that it’s not about her. It’s about Rayna. Oh, Aves, Juliette will never believe it’s not about her.

Later, Maddie has a chat with Teddy about him getting custody of her. As he tries to talk her into it, Deacon overhears and tell him to get out. Teddy keeps running his mouth, saying he was never declared a threat to Maddie in a court of law. Wow, low blow, Ted. How long has Rayna been in the ground? Anyway, Deacon gets in his face and then walks away.

Clay finally goes over to see Maddie and he explains when his mom died, he didn’t know how to feel or what to do. She just wanted him by her side and he swears he can do that. How many times do I have to warn that adorable man about her?

Zach has Will meet him at a museum for a meeting, but it isn’t for business. Will is curious about him, but isn’t happy with Zach being the one in charge all the time. Zach says he’s a nerd in the sense that he likes to do things for other people. Well, hell, Zach, if we’re handing out favors, I’ll take a hundo million. Anyway, Zach tells Will he thinks too much and kisses him.

Later, Tandy tries to talk Daphne and Maddie into going to CMT’s tribute to Rayna. Tands thinks it will help Rayna’s fans seeing the family together in a show of support. Daphne escapes upstairs and Scarlett comforts her. Deacon overhears them (is it just me or is there a LOT of eavesdropping in this episode?) Daphne says she doesn’t know how to pick who her dad is going to be. Do you think we could work custody of me into the adoption procedure? I’d be happy to call Deacon “daddy.”

At the CMT Music Awards, the whole famdamily is there. Tandy takes the kids to their seats and Deacon wants to talk to Teddy. Deacon knows the whole guardianship thing is putting the girls through hell. In order to keep them from suffering further, he suggests Teddy take custody. We all knew Deacon would do what was best for the kids and not for him. Our sweet, selfless Deacon.

Kicking off the tribute at Bridgestone Arena is Will, who sings “By Your Side” as video of Rayna flashes behind him. As he performs, an usher approaches Maddie and says Juliette would like to see her in her dressing room. So, Madds heads backstage. Juliette doesn’t think she can do the performance and tells Maddie she should be the one doing it. Way to push a huge responsibility on a grieving teenager, Juliette. Basically, Juliette thinks it’s not her song to sing- it’s Maddie’s. But, Juliette goes onstage anyway and begins to talk about what Rayna means to her. So, Juliette puts Maddie on the spot and calls her on stage to sing. So, Madds sings “Sanctuary” and everyone is crying in the audience. In the middle of the song, she breaks down in tears and can’t go on. Deacon and Daphne rush up to comfort her and they all finish the song together.

After seeing the tribute, Teddy is brought to tears and tells Deacon he’s a good father. He claims he will be behind bars for a while and wants Deacon to take care of the kiddos. When he gets released, they can work something out. Um, okay, so will he be in prison longer than three months? This is very unclear, CMT.

After, Deacon, Madds and Daphne go back out so they audience can give them a standing ovation.

So, essentially, they created an episode where Deacon cries the entire time. Not good, CMT. You need to have #TEAMDEACON on your side and making him cry only makes us angry. You don’t want me and a bunch of pissed off queens angry, do you? DO YOU?!?!



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