NASHVILLE recap: "Hurricane"

We are seven episodes into the new season of Nashville with CMT at the helm and the ads for CMT’s original drama Sun Records are more interesting than this show. It’s go time, CMT. Give us something to love about this show!

Zach has sent a videographer over to Rayna and Deacon’s place to shoot the behind the scenes action of them putting together their concept duet album. Ya know, the record Rayna wants to make about their relationship? Video camera dude clearly makes them both uncomfortable. When Rayna complains to Zach, he says it’s a necessary evil.

Skinny Scarlett’s hair is going through the awkward grow back stage. This is show business, people. Get her a wig or some extensions or something. Or do we just need one more thing to make her uncomfortable? Anyway, she and Gunnar’s music video for “All of Me” has gotten over a million views online. They both get calls from media outlets wanting to book them. Okay, CMT, you know as well as I do that the press do not directly contact artists for interviews.

Maddie is hanging out with Clay at his place and she offers to stay the night. He says he doesn’t want to fall for her. It can’t be that easy, Clay. Literally no one else has, including her ex-boyfriend, Colt, who chose the military over her. Colt literally chose dodging bullets over Maddie. I probably would, too.

Anyway, Scar Scar and Gunnar are on the inebriated version of The Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford. Oh yeah, and the video director, Damien, is also there. Yes, let’s plant one more person in the room to make Scarlett lose her damn mind. Again. Anyway, Damien makes Scarlett look like the superhero of the video and now Gunnar is jealous of him. Oh, yawn.

Deacon and Rayna are still trying to write a very personal album with the goofy camera guy, Gene, always hulking around in the background. Rayna keeps experiencing these weird flashbacks to times with her and Deacon when they were arguing.  Deacon finally suggests they get the hell out of the house for a while. Good idea, Deacon! Oh, no. I have to stay here and watch this predictable soap opera.

Gunnar has to hang out with Avery, so Scarlett has to have dinner with Damien to celebrate their successful video without him. Damien proposes a toast and Skinny still thinks he owes her an apology. And now things start to click between the two, maybe even some chemistry.

Now that Rayna and Deacon are out of the house, Maddie invites Clay over. She puts a cake in the oven, telling Daphne to keep an eye on it while she and her man go upstairs to do, what I assume is the humpty dance.

Rayna and Deacon realize Gene is following them through the streets of Belle Meade. Deacon drives like a maniac and loses him. Then, they mosey all the way across town to bowl in Donelson. As they make out like horny teenagers behind the bowling alley, Rayna gets a call that a fire alarm is going off in her house. So, she and Deacon scramble home. It was, of course, just the cake burning in the kitchen.

When Deacon and Rayna get to the house, Maddie is in trouble and Clay actually manages to throw Deacon for a loop when he gushes about being a huge fan of his. Madds bitches to her mom about not having any privacy in the house and Rayna points out that Maddie will live in her house and play by her rules. Oh, gees. Of course, this means Maddie is going to move in with Clay – or try to move in with him anyway. Sigh. CMT, we have talked about this predictable thing. Have a chat with ABC and you will see what I am talking about.

Scarlett goes to Rayna’s office for girl talk and all of the sudden Skinny seems to think she and Gunnar’s relationship is hanging on by a thread. Well, that’s news to me. She and Gunnar are going through typical ups and downs. Hanging by a thread is on the brink of divorce - not having a few arguments. Rayna shares that she is having trouble connecting with Deacon so they can write their album and she keeps flashing back to an argument they had twenty years ago.

Scarlett sees Damien outside of Highway 65 and he tells her he is off to Barcelona. When she goes in for a hug, he kisses her. And she likes it. And she isn’t awkward for once. When Gunnar asks about her dinner date with Damien, she plays it off and then comes clean. She tells him she felt something for Damien. Wow, Scarlett feeling something besides being awkward and/or victimized is a new thing for this show. Of course, Gunnar isn’t happy about it.

Gene is interviewing Daphne and it seems like he is manipulating her into saying things to paint Rayna and Deacon in a negative light. Why stop at those two? Let’s spill on what an annoying, self-indulgent, spoiled mutant of a sister you have, Daphne.

Deacon thinks that if he and Rayna go off individually to write songs for their album that things might click when they come back together to collaborate. Rayna turns it around on him and says he is good at quitting. “When things get real, you get gone,” she tells him. Wow. She hurt our Deacon. She could soon to be dead to me. Watch it, Ray Ray! She wants them to go back to the raw and hurtful part of their relationship and write about it without hurting each other all over again. They don’t think they can do it.

Maddie is having a chat with Daphne about being in love. Maddie describes it using a terrible metaphor that is now going to give me nightmares. Of course, Daph is naturally curious because Rayna and Deacon aren’t talking to one another and Madds is fooling around with a hot, older guy who would be much happier with me than a child. Crap. Am I typing outside of my head again?

Well, the only good thing about this show so far is that Juliette hasn’t shown up at all. Anywho, Rayna finds Deacon and they get all snuggle bunnies on the couch. Then, they both say they wrote songs for one another the night before. The two songs they wrote separately fit perfectly together. Nice to know that Nashville’s writers stole the plot from the HBO kids Christmas special Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. Yikes.

While Gunnar and Scarlett are out grabbing a bite, fans immediately begin to pay attention to her and ignore him. If this were reality, I would already be sitting in his lap and she would be back to feeling jealous and awkward. Anyway, while Gunnar tries to act like a hurt puppy about Damien, Scarlett realizes she has a spine and tells him to grow up and with clinched teeth growls “I am with you!” Later, when she and Gunnar are having make up nookie, her phone is being lit up by texts from Damien who never left town and wants to see her. Of course, CMT. We have to find ways to keep them apart. I get it.

And now, if you will excuse me, after seeing Kelly Anne Conway on the news, there’s a bucket I need to be sick into. Catch you next week, my Kittens!



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