NASHVILLE recap: "A Little Bit Stronger"

So, the stalker guy put a bit of the scare into Rayna and they are having extra security installed at her house. She has also taken a restraining order out against the guy and has some security guys hanging around, too.

At her physical therapy session, Juliette is talking with her physical therapist, who, as I suspected is transgendered. Juliette jokes that she would be better off as a man. No, sweetie, you would be better off not as a character on a show because you are just awful.

At South 65, Zach tells Rayna they should buy Luke’s Record label, Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records. Apparently, it’s for sale, but it‘s the first time Rayna is hearing about this. Puke has been noticeably absent this season, which is a good thing for us, I guess. However, I would happily trade him or Layla for Maddie.  Speaking of Maddie, when Rayna wants to speak to Deacon and her kids about this whole stalker thing, Maddie makes it about her. Maddie cops attitude with Ray and Deacon, trying to get them to admit they don’t like Clay because he’s black. Shocked by the allegation, Rayna says she doesn’t trust him because he’s 24 and Maddie is 17. Maddie, pull your head out of your ass. I know it’s a dark and cozy spot, but let the sun shine on ya, girl.

Juliette is now on crutches and she is able to greet Hallie at the door when she comes over for a visit. Hallie is a social worker and your average do gooder. She is also a good singer and when Juliette asks what she is doing with that talent, Hallie invites her to something going on at a community center.

At school, some cute guy has the hots for Daphne and wants to text her. Is that what the kids are doing these days? Anyway, this hot kid finally approaches her and they proceed to have an awkward conversation. When he asks for her number, she is already turned and walking away. See, I told you Daphne was going to be the goth theater kid hanging out behind the school smoking pot. Well, we can only hope she does.

At the Farmer’s Market, Clay and Maddie are chilling when Madds asks him about his bipolar disorder. She hasn’t seen him freak out since the night she took him to the hospital. They start to hash it out and it comes to light that she is scared of him. But she means she is scared of him hurting himself and not other people. Okay, CMT, let’s not try to make Maddie smart. You can’t make her ridiculous in one scene and have depth in the next. Pick a Maddie and stick with it.

It’s Sunday and Juliette is going to Hallie’s church with Emily while Avery has a gig across town. It’s the first gig he has had in a long time. Some smarmy guy, named Billy, approaches him after the show. Billy wants to be his manager and I am guessing he is going to be Jeff’s replacement for creepiest guy on the show.

Rayna and Juliette are having girl talk over coffee and Rayna wants to talk to about Highway 65 buying Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records, which would mean Juliette’s return to Rayna’s label. Juliette is cool with it and then says she wants to record a gospel album. The devil recording the Lord’s music. Um, sure.

Scarlett meets with Damien, the video director, to view the final cut and she is still mad at him. She has no reason to be upset with him. His accent is perfect. Anyway, as she watches it, she begins to cry (as usual). She is moved because he was able to capture the real Scarlett, whoever that is. I always thought the real Scarlett was an annoying goody goody who had everything most people would die for, but couldn’t be happy regardless.

Maddie talks to Rayna about Clay’s bipolar disorder and Maddie, as usual, jumps the gun and assumes her mother is pre-judging him. Look, Nashville writers, can we please end the Maddie plotlines? There are enough spoiled teenagers in the world, so let’s not legitimize them on TV, k? Then, Maddie starts having a heart to heart with Deacon and she says something prolific. Pick a Maddie, kids. She’s not brilliant. Stop trying to make brilliant happen.

At the community center, Hallie is playing banjo and singing with a trio who are performing for a group of children. Juliette can’t believe Hallie isn’t recording professionally and essentially tells her she will be making an album soon enough.

I spoke too soon. Puke has shown up. I still want to trade him for Maddie or Scarlett, if possible. Anyway, Rayna and Zach are backstage at his show. Will walks over to say hi and invites them to hang out in his dressing room. Rayna politely declines, but Zach is gone faster than you can say man meat. As Will changes out of a sweaty shirt into a clean one, Zach and the rest of the globe, is more than impressed. Damn, Wilma is hot, ya’ll. Let me clean this blob of drool off my keyboard… Anywho, Zach tells Will about Highway 65 wanting to buy Puke’s label. Zach reassures him that his career will be even bigger at Highway 65 and he also takes the opportunity to hint he is interested.

After Puke’s set, he gets Rayna one on one and says he will be okay with Highway 65 purchasing his label as long as Rayna trusts Zach. Puke says he trusts Rayna even though it took some time for him to realize they wouldn’t have worked out and he gives her credit for it.

Clay leaves Maddie a voice mail that seems like a goodbye. She later finds him busking on, what appears to be the Music Row roundabout. She tells him she wants to get to know the part of him that no one sees. I’d like to SEE the part of him that most people don’t see.  Anyway, they exchange some more random back and forth chatter, kiss and go do something for funsies. Barf. I like Clay. Can we set him up with a likeable character like Will?

Avery is a little hesitant with Juliette’s new found faith, but supportive. And, as usual, she finds something to argue with him about. Just like Scarlett, this song and dance is worn out. I mean, this is 1982 Michael Jackson breakdancing worn out. Once they calm down, Juliette says she feels like she is discovering who she is for the first time. Emily interrupts them with an internet video of Juliette singing at the church followed by a couple of snarky reporters saying they hope church does what rehab couldn’t for Juliette. High five to both of those reporters! #TEAMTHOSEREPORTERS

Back at Daphne’s school, she has another chance to talk to cutie patootie guy in the school yard- his name is Flynn. As he asks for her number again, weird stalker guy approaches them and claims to be a friend of Rayna’s. He attempts to give Daph an envelope and she and her friends run away, looking for help.

The stalker disobeyed the restraining order and is now in police custody. Daphne is cool, and even though Deacon and Rayna are shaken up, our little trooper Daphne wants to go back to class. Okay, it better be over a boy, Daph, because if you are going back because you like school, you are dead to me.

And we wrap up this dog and pony show with Avery taking Juliette, and her post-pregnancy jugs, to church. Of course, they are followed by the paparazzi that real Nashville doesn’t have. Anyone else surprised she didn’t go up in flames when she walked through the door?




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