Nashville Pride awards contract of annual 'Pride Guide'

Nashville Pride, Inc. has awarded the contract to produce the official 2007 Nashville Pride Guide to Out & About Newspaper. This marks the third year that O&AN has been awarded the bid to produce the official Nashville Pride Guide.

Nashville Pride, Inc., (NPI) President Todd Grantham said a competitive bidding process was used to solicit proposals from various companies interested in producing the guide. He added that by outsourcing production of the annual guide, the NPI committee could concentrate on the annual festival.

“The guide not only provides information on the annual Pride Festival, it also serves as an overall directory of services for the Middle Tennessee GLBT community and provides a community calendar," Grantham said. "As a volunteer, non-profit organization, Nashville Pride’s resources can often be stretched to put together the guide and, at the same time, plan for the annual Pride Festival."

Under the proposal submitted by O&AN, the newspaper team will take the Nashville Pride Guide from inception to completion, including content, advertising sales, printing and distribution. A licensing fee will be paid to NPI, along with a number of advertising pages given to the group to use in sponsorship packages.

The official 2007 Nashville Pride Guide will be distributed the week of May 8—May 15.

“We think we have been able to produce one of the most widely distributed and read Nashville Pride Guides in Nashville Pride’s history," said A.J. Busé, O&AN advertising sales manager and special issues editor. "For the 2006 Nashville Pride Guide, our market data tells us more than 25,000 people read the hard copy of the guide, and an additional 11,600 people downloaded the PDF of the guide from our Web site. With more than 36,600 people reading the guide, we think one of the most visible components and community services that Nashville Pride provides is its annual Nashville Pride Guide."

Busé, along with Brent Meredith, editor and creative director, will serve as project managers and will draw on O&AN's considerable resources (writing, photography, layout and design, sales, billing, collection, distribution and mailing) to produce the 2007 Nashville Pride Guide.

"This is what we do and we do it well," Busé said.

The 2007 Nashville Pride Guide will be in the same format as the 2006 guide:  full color, 8.5" x 11" (magazine size) and 14,000 printed copies with approximately 100 pages.

Like last year, the guide will have a 14-page, center section calendar that will include a photo and corresponding calendar for each month, along with special dates imprinted on the calendar. The calendar will run from June 2007 to May 2008.

“We loved the calendar and got great feedback on it,” Grantham said.

If your business is interested in advertising in the official 2007 Nashville Pride Guide, contact A.J. Busé at 615-596-6210 or

Photo courtesy of Jose Cuervo

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